How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Dog-Friendly


If you have a garden or another type of outdoor space that your four-legged friend can enjoy, it certainly makes sense that you are able to make it as dog-friendly as you possibly can. Of course, there are all sorts of possible ways that you can achieve this feat, but the following blog post will be looking at a few of them in a higher level of detail to create the perfect situation for your pooch.

Think About the Chemicals You are Using

Whenever you are going to use any type of garden product, you need to check the back of the label to ensure that it offers the type of pet-friendly properties that you are looking for. After all, you do not want to risk any type of harm occurring unintentionally. The lawn and the plants tend to be the areas that you need to watch out for. A possible step that you could take is to lay down some dog grass, which has many advantages. Whenever you are thinking of planting anything new, you should also double-check to ensure that it is pet-friendly.

Ensure Plenty of Access to Shade

When the summer days roll around again, there is no doubt that your furry friend needs to have plenty of access to two things – water and shade. There are plenty of different options when it comes to shade, from a full-length cover that shields your patio to a personalized dog house that your pooch can retreat to when the summer sun simply gets too much for them to be able to deal with.

Make Sure Your Backyard is Enclosed

If you have the type of dog who is likely to disappear at a moment’s notice, it is certainly important that you enclose your backyard enough to prevent this from happening. So, look at the possible areas which could pose a potential problem. Are there any fence panels that are broken and in need of fixing? How about a gate that is constantly swinging open? This is obviously particularly important if you live in an area which has a busy road nearby.

Give Your Dog a Digging Zone

If there is one thing that many dogs love to do when they get outside, it is digging things up. If you are looking to prevent them from doing this in your backyard area, it is certainly going to be worthwhile to create their own digging zone. It could be a sandbox that is full of their favorite toys and gives them that little bit of extra motivation to dig up that area rather than anywhere else at all.

All of these techniques can make such a big difference when it comes to creating the type of outdoor space that your pooch really loves and appreciates in a big way. So, now is the time to attempt to put a few of these methods into action to see what a difference they could make.