Three Things You Must Do Before Getting Your First Pet


You’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but you’re seriously considering getting your first ever pet. It’s a very exciting thought, but you shouldn’t jump into the decision just yet. A lot of research must be done when choosing the right pet for your home, and there are also some crucial things you must do before you get one. 

In this article, you’ll find three vital tasks you have to complete before getting your first pet:

Pet-proof your home

You can’t bring a pet into your house if it isn’t ready for an animal presence. After all, that’s what your pet is: an animal. Sometimes, you forget about this as you see them as another member of your family. Unfortunately, this member of your family will scratch things, chew stuff, and struggle to know the general rules of going to the toilet. 

Consequently, you need to pet-proof your home, making it suitable for your new furry friend. This can mean protecting your furniture with coverings, moving potentially dangerous things out of a pet’s grasp, and setting up other pet-friendly things. Installing a cat or dog flap can be a good idea to let your pet go outside whenever they want. This should ensure they never go to the toilet inside your home!

Get basic first aid training

When people think of first aid training, they tend to think about performing it on humans. But, did you know that your normal first aid training won’t work on animals? Instead, you will need separate training, like a canine first aid course for dogs and cats. This is something all wannabe pet owners should seek out as it ensures you are trained to deal with any pet emergencies. If your cat or dog injures themselves, you can take care of them before they’re able to see a vet and get more extensive treatment. In many cases, your first aid treatment is all they need to feel comfortable and free from pain. 

Likewise, courses like these help you know what to do if your pet starts choking. If you’re getting a puppy or kitten, they can easily eat something that gets stuck in their throat. Being able to know what to do can help you save your pet’s life. 

Understand the cost of owning a pet

Pets are amazing, but they come at a cost. Did you know that the average yearly cost of owning a dog is anywhere between $1,500 and $10,000? It’s a big financial commitment that you must be ready for before you bring a pet into your house. 

Seriously, this is why so many little pets are stuck in animal shelters right now. People get them, then they can’t deal with the financial strain of paying to look after them, so they give them up. If you can’t afford to give a pet an amazing life at home, then you’re not ready for one just yet. 

That last point is the most important; if you can financially handle a pet in your home, then it’s go-time! From here, you can work back through the other two tasks and begin pet-proofing your home and getting some first aid training to keep your new friend nice and healthy.