Simple Ways To Spruce Your Bedroom On A Budget

Recent statistics show that many Americans spend more time at home than usual. This may be due to the aftermath of the pandemic and the normalization of remote working. So, it is understandable that after spending so much time at home, you may want to give your home a new look and feel- especially your bedroom. That said, here are four simple ways to spruce your bedroom to look expensive but on a budget.

  1. Update your hardware

Consider hardware as the accessories of your bedroom. A new set of knobs or handles, nightstands, and dresser may add some flair to your bedroom in the same way a pair of earrings or a striking necklace can spruce up an outfit. You can add a touch of elegance to your room by replacing regular hardware with something a little more visually appealing, switching from the copper handles to crystal knobs, and so on. The options are many, and the good news is they are affordable and elegant. 

  1. Throw in some more pillows

Plump, soft cushions make your room more comfortable and cozier- which is what your bedroom should be. You should consider purchasing stuffed pillows. You can create this by purchasing slightly larger inserts than the pillow on a budget. For example, you can buy a 20-inch insert if you have an 18-inch square pillow. You should also consider getting colorful options to add to the overall decor and design of your room. It is essential to be mindful of this to prevent cluttering your bedroom space with pillows.

  1. Consider built-in bed

Bespoke built-in beds and box beds are growing popular today. These beds offer the warmth and coziness every bedroom needs. It is the ideal bed option for the nights you want to crawl into comfort with a weighted blanket or swaddling cashmere pajamas. In addition to this, these beds are great for keeping your room decluttered. This is because such beds usually come with smart storage solutions. This means you wouldn't have to worry about space! As these beds are custom made, you can order one that fits your bedroom space and is in accordance with your preferred size. 

  1. Focus on your curtains

To make your space appear larger, you should consider raising your curtain rod two to three inches below the ceiling line. Your room will appear loftier, and your windows will appear larger, making your bedroom more appealing and cozier. You should also focus on the style, design, and texture of your curtains. Be sure to put up curtains that complement your room's color scheme or ambiance. There are several budget-friendly drapery and curtain rods to help give you the bedroom you want to create.

You deserve a bedroom that promotes a good night's sleep, regardless of your design sensibility. Soothing colors, plush bedding, and well-selected bedroom furnishings, such as nightstands with ample storage are just a few things you need to create a relaxing yet beautiful bedroom.