The Rise of the Side Hustle


More people than ever before have tried to turn a hobby or skill into a side hustle or an additional source of income. The research shows that Americans don’t need to leave their full-time jobs to start a business and that there are a number of jobs on the side that you can do to earn extra income and gain experience. The idea is to keep your current job while spending your so-called free time to make a few extra dollars.

Here's a look at some of the most popular ideas:

Arts and crafts

Suppose you can make something and have artistic skills. In that case, making interior decor items such as candles, lampshades, soap making, wooden carvings, and placemats may be something that you could consider. The market for home and handmade items has never been stronger, and as such, there will be opportunities aplenty. These are the hobby crafts that you would need to practice and perfect before you start making any money on them. However, these are also the side hustles known for the most enjoyment and fun, and as such, it may not even feel like a job and yet provide a source of income if the work is saleable.


Everyone has to eat, and the catering, restaurant, fast food, and takeaway sectors are great for business. If you have the cooking or business skills, then this may be something for you to do either part-time in your spare time or get all out and invest in a food truck and do holiday and festival gigs. For something as specific as how to run a successful café take out service you will need to have some sector-specific guidance and advice, as well as the financial investment to boot. This is also a side hustle that required the most licensing and registrations as it involved food production and sale.

Freelancing in your field

Use the skills you already have to freelance, and as long as you inform your employer and register the work to keep the tax man informed, there should be no problem making some extra money doing what you do. Be it financial planning, administrative assistance, content writing, or editing, take your everyday work skills set and use them on your time off at other businesses and enterprises.

Buy and re-sell

The principle is simple, buy low and sell high, and whether you’re buying genuine antiques or modern-day technology, if you can buy it and sell it for a better price, then it’s a terrific opportunity. Garage sales, antique shops, and markets are where you will need to spend your time and then having an online marketplace is the best way to then move the products that you buy.

All of these ideas will require a thorough business plan to be developed, even if it is just something that you do on the side. If you want to make it sustainable and a genuine opportunity for growth, it is best to plan it and follow the plan to your success.