The never-ending uses for baby swaddles


New parents or expecting parents will likely already know just how often swaddles come in handy. They’re known to be ideal for promoting better and longer sleep in your little ones, calming their anxiety, and, of course, cleaning up those unpredictable yet totally expected milk burp accidents.

However, if you’ve not been persuaded by the wonders of the swaddle blanket yet, this post will certainly change your mind. There are a whole number of ways to use swaddles – both for your baby and beyond.

The important thing to remember (as all new parents will tell you) is that you can never have too many swaddle blankets. They’re super soft and delicate on your baby’s skin and will become an item of comfort for them within minutes.

The ultimate list of baby swaddle uses

  1. Swaddling (of course)

This first and primary use for a swaddle is, obviously, for swaddling. These little blankets are perfect for wrapping your new bundle up in what feels like a tight cuddle. Swaddling is known to soothe your baby and reduce stress to help them sleep.

  1. Blankets

In a similar way, muslins and swaddles can be used as a light yet cozy blanket – either in the car seat or in the crib. The thin and breathable material is perfect for keeping your little one comfortable through their snooze without making them too warm or cold. Plus, Presley Couture’s baby swaddles come in a whole range of colors, so stock up now, and you won’t regret it!

  1. Breastfeeding shields

As a first-time mom, breastfeeding can feel like a daunting task – especially when out of the house. While some mothers are ready to ‘free the nip’ and want there to be no shame in breastfeeding in public, some women still feel more comfortable using a swaddle to shield their bodies from people nearby.

Alternatively, once you’ve finished a feed, you might want to use the swaddle over your shoulder while cuddling or burping your baby to protect your clothing.

  1. Sunscreen

Swaddles are the perfect little handbag accessory to keep close by when out and about. Drape over the stroller or car seat when the sun gets a little too bright. If you have sensitive eyes and find yourself reaching for your sunglasses when even the clouds feel a bit bright, you might want to offer the same shade to your new arrival.

  1. Sentimental ‘blankie’

As your child grows, they’ll feel soothed and calmer around familiar people or items. You’ll quickly learn their favorite toy or teddy, and a swaddle can be the same.

Everybody’s baby is different, but if you’ve been using the same swaddle since they were born, you may just find that there’s a lot of attachment. In fact, swaddles can easily become their safety ‘blankie’, so don’t forget to pack it when they stay over somewhere!

  1. Emergency changing mat

Swaddles are a saving grace when you unexpectedly need to change diapers. Lay the swaddle down on the back seat of the car for a make-shift changing mat. Or, place it onto the grass if you’re not by the car. These durable little blankets make the perfect barrier between your little one and dirt or cold surfaces.

  1. Burping cloths

Even if you were the most sophisticated people before your little baby arrived, you’ll quickly learn that, as parents, your clothes are going to endure a lot. With babies, there are plenty of accidents just waiting to happen, and one of those is sick or spit-up, especially after a feed.

You’ll either constantly be changing your top or desperately trying to dab liquids away. Or, you can use a swaddle. Swaddles make great little burping cloths. Use them to wipe away food and milk from their cheeky little faces or drape over your shoulder while rubbing their back.

  1. Shopping cart cover

Not every store has baby-friendly trolleys, so you’ll need to improvise if you’re on your own. Throw a swaddle blanket onto the bottom of the cart, so your child can sit comfortably inside. As it is small enough to fit into your bag, it won’t be too much hassle to bring with you if you don’t actually need to use it in the end.

  1. Miniature picnic blankets

As your mini-me gets older, they’ll constantly be on the lookout for snacks, and who can blame them! When out and about, swaddles can make a great little picnic blanket whenever hunger strikes. Use them on picnic tables or on the grass.

  1. Cleaning cloths

When you’re no longer using swaddles for your baby, cut them into quarters and re-purpose them as cleaning cloths for around the house. It is a great way to re-purpose them and make your money stretch even further.

And the list doesn’t end there! You can use swaddles as a play mat, a small cushion (when rolled up), or even a fun peek-a-boo game.