Finding Meaning In Your Career - Is It Possible?


When choosing a career, most people take a little look to the left and a little look to the right, and see just how many people out there aren’t fulfilling their dreams. To some extent, this is practical. Furthermore, it might be that dreams take different shapes. An immigrant may have decided to move to a western country to provide a better life for his or her family as they flee a war-torn country. 

They may work at Amazon or another large provider six days a week. This might not be their ‘dream job,’ but it enables them to earn a living and provide. Are they living a ‘bad’ life because of this? Of course not. They are noble to the highest degree, and have their priorities extremely well sorted. Plus, they may not only be in that role forever. In five years, they could be managing a district. It regularly happens.

Now, this example can show that we must always balance our dreams with raw practicality. But more than satiating your wildest dreams, can you find meaning in your career, as the person in our example did? We think so, and we believe that’s much more achievable. Here’s how and why:

Considering Where Your Talents Lie

It’s a great idea to work where your talents lie. What does this mean? Well, it talent is more than just being good at something. It’s also about your passion, what you’re willing to work all day for, and how dedicated to improvement you may be. Considering this can help you understand that perhaps you wish to take a path others might not take, one that doesn’t pay as well, so that you can make a difference and exercise something important to you.

Becoming Well-Informed & Educated

It’s essential to say that when you focus on a path, you must focus your energies towards it. Accept that this is your direction now, and move forward with that in mind. For instance, a university degree in education could be your first stop if you hope to train as a teacher in order to influence future generations for the better - but remember, your work is never done. You can always be a better teacher. You can always be more informed and more inquisitive. Understanding that will give you a great advantage as you begin.

Developing Your Own Practice, Style & Priorities

It’s also essential to know that developing your own practice, style or priorities will end up influencing what you have to offer the world. This can be tremendously helpful as time goes on. It can help you feel a sense of agency, even in a regimented position. It will help you cultivate your own personal standards, and willingness to improve. That brings a massive, positive influence to the people who need it most, and you can bet they’ll appreciate you for the effort. This is how industries, practices, and professional norms change for the better. Its how you find purpose. And from purpose - meaning.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily find the meaning in your career that you deserve. It’s more than possible to do this.