How to Get Extra Vitamins Into Your Day with Vitapod


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A few months back we learned that Mary is having a hard time getting all her vitamins in. Even though she takes a multivitamin daily, she isn't absorbing enough of them to get all that she needs. In turn, her B-12 was very low so she had to start taking shots for it. And even after the shots, she still was low so now she takes it orally every day. Her doctor thinks it could be a GI problem since your vitamins are all absorbed in your gut so she has an appointment with a Pediatric GI doctor in September but until then, I am trying to help her get as many vitamins as she can.

Since Mary needs some extra vitamin help, I was thrilled to be able to review Vitapod. Vitapod is an amazing machine that adds vitamins to your water and flavors it. 9 out of 10 Americans are undernurished with vitamins so Vitapod helps add up to 15 of the most under consumed vitamins into each pod. The pods currently come in 11 different flavors and so far we haven't had any that we didn't like! They are made with 100% natural ingredients, they contain no sugar and they are free from all the top allergens!

So how do you work with Vitapod machine? It really is simple. It's like a Keurig for water honestly. You fill the back water chamber with water up to the line. Put the chamber back in and make sure your filter is screwed in tightly. Turn the machine on in the front and it will start filtering your water. The filter really is amazing in which is can filter any particles that are measured from 0.5 and up. Most household water filters are usually from 3-5 for particles so they won't get the super small stuff. 0.5 is probably the smallest I have ever seen. Now I do want to let you know that if you are trying to make sure to remove fluoride from your water, fluoride particles are measured at 0.3 so the filter won't catch those. Only the bigger particles. So it can't completely remove fluoride. 

This was actually a question that I had for Vitapod customer service and they were great with answering it for me!

So after your water has been filtering for about 20 minutes, you can start making drinks. To do this, you simply pick the flavor pod that you want and put it in the chamber upside down. Close the chamber and hit the blinking green water drop button on the bottom of the machine's front panel. Then it will make your drink! The machine is set to make a drink at 16.9 ounces but you can change this on the panel if necessary. 

So how many of these can a kid drink per day? I also asked their customer service that question! They do not recommend Iced Tea, Sports+ or Energy+ for kids because they do have caffeine in them. But Hydra+, Immunity+ and Beauty+, a child aged 13 can have 4 drinks a day. Hydra (without the +), a child aged 13 can have about 14 a day. 

So far we have been giving Mary 1 drink at dinner time each day. She loves to pick her flavor out each day and has loved all of them! And as a mother, I am glad to know that each time she finishes her Vitapod drink, that she has gotten a bunch more vitamins into her system. Hopefully when we find out why she isn't absorbing vitamins that she is supposed to, we can get her on a better track! But we do plan on still using Vitapod to help her get extra vitamins because she loves them so much.

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