PEMF Therapy for Sleep: 4 tips you need to know


PEMF therapy can help you with sleep issues. Many people find it hard to fall asleep even when they are tired. This is because they cannot get their body and mind relaxed. The lack of sleep makes you cranky and tired. Without proper sleep, it is impossible to stay fresh and energetic throughout the day. The lack of sleep badly influences the functionality of your mind and increases the signs of aging. This is not just because sleeplessness also increases the risks of many serious diseases like stroke and diabetes. Some people take medicines to treat insomnia which have adverse effects and can lead to addiction. PEMF pads or heated pillows are amazing devices to enhance your sleep. In this article, you will learn about how PEMF helps with sleep.

 How can PEMF help you with sleep?

Following are how you can use PEMF to help you with sleep.


Balances out Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms are regular cycles in your body that work as a clock to carry out processes. Your sleep-wake cycle is one of them. The circadian rhythms are affected by environmental factors. Nowadays, the Wi-Fi radiations and light emitted by gadgets influence the sleep-wake cycles. The disturbance in the circadian cycles also messes up the production of hormones in your body. Melatonin is the hormone that causes sleep. The PEMF radiations can help to balance the circadian rhythm improving your sleep cycles. Taking this therapy in the evening or before sleeping helps you have a sound sleep.


Calms your Mind and Body

Stress and anxiety are the major causes of restlessness. Many people struggle to sleep at night because they find it hard to calm their minds and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. The PEMF technology is proven to work as mind boosters and improve mental health. PEMF therapy through a heated pillow stimulates the chemicals in your brain. It enhances the production of serotonin which is a hormone responsible for calming your mind. It can treat your mind with no side effects and timely benefits.

Reduces Pain

Physical pains are responsible for restlessness. Many people, after having injuries find it hard to fall asleep without medication. This therapy emits radiations that cure your cell and muscles and speed up the healing process while reducing your pain. PEMF can be conveniently put over the part that hurts in your body. The anti-inflammatory properties of these electromagnetic radiations can help to cure your physical pain in less time.

 Tips for using PEMF Heated Pillows for Sleep

The amazing thing about PEMF pillows is that they can be used on any of your body parts. Here are the tips on how to use it.

1.    Use it on Your Neck

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours leads to a stiff neck. Soothe this pain by placing the heated pillow at the back of your neck.


2.    Use it on Your Back

You can put this pillow in your back to relieve pain while sitting. After having a long day, placing it on your back while lying down can help to soothe your body and fall asleep.


3.    Place it Under Your Legs

Joint pain and tired legs are common after having a day full of errands. After a tiring day, place it under your thighs to help you rest.


4.    Heat yourself with it

 You can use it under your blanket on a cold night to help you with sleep.

Bottom Line

To conclude, PEMF gadgets are quite convenient and effective in helping you with insomnia and other issues with no risks. Use it at least half an hour before sleep to have a sound sleep. You can use PEMF mats and pillows anywhere and anytime.