The Safest Spots for a Family Vacation After COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has left many families struggling to travel for their annual vacations, and now that the vaccine rollout has started to run at full steam, many people are beginning to look at what their first vacation destination should be post-COVID-19. If you are already beginning to plan where you are going to travel after restrictions on travel loosen, here is your guide to the safest spots for families.

New Zealand

New Zealand has famously been one of the countries that have dealt with coronavirus best, with quick lockdown decisions meaning that New Zealanders have been living something close to normal life since the summer months. Not only this, but even without coronavirus on the horizon, New Zealand ranks second on the 2020 Global Peace Index, which details the destinations where you will be at least risk of violence.


Australia has also started to see low levels of cases in recent months, leading to the loosening of restrictions in the country for the most part. Then, whether you want to go island-hopping, spy on the Great Barrier Reef, or see famous sights such as Sydney Harbour, Australia has something for all members of the family. If Australia has tickled your fancy, you can find Adelaide Hills accommodation for your family or multiple families in your group by looking at the options provided by Hahndorf Resort.


If you want to go on a safe trip that is a little closer to home, you should consider visiting Canada. Canada can provide lots of open space for you to enjoy the benefits of a vacation in the outdoors, with many national parks available that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only this, but visiting Canada will also allow you to spot wonderful wildlife, such as polar bears and marine mammals, such as orcas.


In recent years, Thailand has become a hotspot for backpackers since it is one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia for travelers. With coronavirus leaving the country with little tourism for over a year, this could be the perfect time to travel to Thailand, especially if you want to take part in traditional tourist experiences, such as interacting with elephants.

Although you might not be able to travel in the immediate future, planning in advance can help you and your family to have something to look forward to when times get tough and can allow you to have a ready-to-go vacation as soon as restrictions loosen for the area that you are living within. Not only this, but planning now can help you to save up for a special vacation when you are finally able to go, whether this is later in 2021 or even in 2022. To plan a break in the foreseeable future, you should make sure that you have a good cancellation policy, that you continue to follow and look at the latest restrictions, and that you remain flexible with your plans.