4 Reasons Why You Might Need A Specialist Child Law Solicitor


Have you ever considered the reasons why you might need to engage with a child law specialist?

Solicitors who specialize in childhood law can be a great help when you need to hash out arrangements with an ex partner or when there is money and investments involved.

Finding A Specialist

Specialists in child law aren’t so easy to find, but recommendations from friends and loved ones are a good idea as long as the solicitors are professionals.

Take Grant Stephens Family Law, child law solicitors in Cardiff, for example, they specialize in family and child law, providing the right help at the right time.

Here are four reasons why you should get a specialist to help with the logistics after a divorce or breakup.

Custody Arrangements

Custody ‘battles,’ as they are known in the media, are the most common area of childhood law that solicitors cover.

For the most part, this is just a formal way of agreeing on the frequency and length of regular visits and should be an easy process.

Custody arrangements are made easier when both parents are still on speaking terms and can put their differences aside for the children, but in a lot of cases, this isn’t possible, and solicitors will act as a go-between to ensure that the parents have fair and equal access to the children within the agreements set out.

Grandparent Access

When exes break up, there is a wider concern over grandparent access to the children. By law, grandparents do have a right to see their grandchildren and, unless there is strong evidence to suggest the child or children will be at risk in their care, this is an area that a child law specialist will be able to help with.

As with most breakups, it is better if exes who share children can stay amicable to organize arrangements between themselves, but this is not always possible, and a lot of the time, grandparents will feel left out of the arrangements leading them to seek a more formal arrangement.

Parental Responsibility Disputes

If your ex is not being responsible when it comes to your children, a child law solicitor will be able to draw up a legal agreement that you can both sign to show that you’re committed to it.

This type of agreement is usually needed when an ex suddenly drops off contact with a child, or they are constantly changing the days they will see them or the logistics around the collection and drop off.

Parental responsibility also covers areas such as concern for child welfare and whether contact with the child or children should be made through contact centers in a supervised environment or not.

Child Maintenance

Child maintenance can become a problem for exes for a number of reasons. For example, there may be an issue with:

  • Late payments

  • Underpayments

  • Missed payments

  • Disputed arrangements

  • Change of circumstances

  • Unofficial arrangements

  • Changing demands for maintenance

Any of these issues are tough on parents, but a qualified specialist in child law will be able to take you through the process of getting things made official so that both of you know where you stand.