7 Must-Haves for a Unique and Exciting Wardrobe


Over the years, you may grow tired of wearing the same types of clothes over and over. While it might be comforting to pull on a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a well-worn jacket, by breathing some life into your wardrobe, you might find a new sense of confidence. 

Creating an exciting wardrobe isn’t all about the items that sit inside; sometimes, it’s the tools you use that create something distinct and unique. Here are seven must-haves for an exciting wardrobe. 

1. Vibrant Accessories 

It doesn’t matter how simple your outfit is – if you pair it with some vibrant accessories, it will pop. Choose to invest in fun, chunky, and colorful jewelry to add some fun to your style. 

When winter rolls around, you have even more options for vibrant accessories. You could purchase a bright-colored or fun-patterned scarf, or you could buy some cute hats and earmuffs. 

2. Clothing Paints 

If you like an item of clothing but not the color, you can easily change that by using some fabric paints. You could tie-dye or simple dye a previously light-colored t-shirt something brighter and more colorful. 

You can even paint your shoes, too! Give your old pair of boots a second life by using leather paint to create interesting and vibrant designs that pop. 

3. Vintage Clothes

If you shop in the most popular stores, then you’ll quickly find that what you wear matches with many others on the street. While some might be happy to follow what is ‘in,' if you want a unique wardrobe, you should hunt for clothes in vintage stores. 

By choosing vintage, not only will you find interesting items you’ve never seen on anyone else, but you also contribute to the recycling of clothes, which is far better for the earth. 

4. Hand-Me-Downs 

Sometimes, the best pieces of clothing that sit in your wardrobe are the items that were passed down from your older family members. Maybe your grandmother has a cool dress from the sixties, or your big sister hands you a pair of heels that she once rocked during the nineties. One thing is for sure when it comes to hand-me-downs, you’ll rarely see other people wearing them. 

5. Signature Colors 

While it is fun to be adventurous with colors, it’s better to make the most out of the shades that suit you best. Figure out what colors best match your skin type and find interesting pieces that match that. By owning plenty of items with colors that naturally make you look your best, you won’t have as much of a battle in the mornings. 

6. A Sewing Machine

Create some unique looks by purchasing a sewing machine and getting to work on designing your outfits. You might not start as an expert, but over time, you could end up with clothing items that make you feel as unique as you are. 

7. Varying Patterns

Experiment with different patterns to create a more interesting and diverse wardrobe. Whether you’re a fan of polka dots or stripes, it’s more exciting to have something more than block colors staring back at you.