How Pests Can Invade Your Christmas


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it can quite rightly be the time you most look forward to. However, with Christmas can also come some guests you haven’t invited, and you need to be aware of these things before you carve into your Turkey on Christmas Day. 

Today we want to share with you some of the most common pests you may find in your house at Christmas as well as the best way to prevent them ruining your celebrations. 

Paper mites in your cards 

One of the smaller pests you have to consider preventing this Christmas is known as a paper mite. These tiny little creatures will often hide in the crook of paper such as Christmas cards and can spread. Be sure to check your cards when you buy them and don’t send out infested paper to your loved ones! 

Spiders on your tree 

When it comes to pest control, spiders are a bit of a question mark. As it stands, house spiders are not counted as pests because if anything they act like bodyguards to your home getting rid of smaller pests that may otherwise infest. However, if you buy a real Christmas tree this year there is a risk of bringing outside spiders into your home in the form of webs or nests. These of course can be a BIG problem in the home so be sure to thoroughly inspect your Christmas tree before bringing it into the house, and cut off any branches that may have a nest. 

Mice in the cupboards 

Mice are suckers for cereal and seeds, and it is important for you to think about ridding the home of mice at Christmas to avoid them getting into your raisins! You can repel mice humanely with peppermint oil in cupboards and near entryways, and this will stop them from coming and chewing on your dried foods. 

Fruit flies on mince pies 

Fruit flies are a pest that are insatiable and they will come after any sweet treat you have in your home at Christmas. From fruit to mince pies, fruit flies will likely want to feed on sugary treats and you should install a few fly traps to get rid of them for food this winter. The last thing you want on Christmas Day is to be batting away flies while you eat your dessert! 

Ants following the sugar trail 

Ants are another pest that loves sugar, and things such as cupcakes or shortbreads are a magnet for these little creatures. If you see ants coming into your home, follow them back until you find their entry point and then block it. 

Ticks coming home for Christmas 

Ticks love to latch onto your pets all year long, and in the festive season they will want more blood to stay live and healthy in the cold. Be aware when taking your pets for a walk that you check them for ticks before you bring them in the house. Learn how to safely remove ticks and keep your pet and yourself safe!