Common House Problems You Should Be Aware Of


We will not fool ourselves: having a house or flat, especially if more than ten years have passed since its construction, is a source of problems related to its operation and that need, if not maintenance, repairs. If it is a house, the maintenance level is usually higher since it is more isolated, outdoors, and at risk of suffering more damage where repairs are necessary.


Pests are a problem that affects not only a house but often a community of neighbors or an entire city. For example, you can find an exterminator dedicated exclusively to pest control. Suppose you are suffering from a plague in your apartment or house. In that case, whether it be ants, cockroaches, mites, bees, or rats, you have to inform the local pest control service and, if necessary, hire one specialized company to solve it for you. 

Drain problems and clogged pipes! 

This is another one of the most common problems in a house, pipe clogs. If you notice a terrible smell or see that any of the ducts in the bathroom or kitchen are not working well, you have to remedy it immediately. It is also possible that this blockage affects the entire building. In that case, chemical products or homemade tricks are not possible. You have to call a company specialized in unblocking, which has machinery for pumping water under pressure and can eliminate any obstruction. This way your water can be back up and running quickly and efficiently. 

Roof damages.

Damage to the roof is another excellent classic, especially in areas where it rains a lot and the wind blows strongly. These damages can cause leaks, which is most apparent, and leaks that can damage the roofs and walls of the entire building, whether it is an entire building or a house. Although we see in the movies and series, the typical scenario in which one of the residents goes up to the roof to fix it or change some tiles, it is better left to the professionals. Don’t do anything dangerous that could jeopardise your life or someone else’s. 

Electrical faults.

Failures in the electrical installation are another of the most suffered problems at home and, also, they are very dangerous. There may be poor wiring, overloads, insufficient power supply. You have to check the installation very well from time to time. If you see that there are cuts, or if a spark is produced when connecting an appliance or something that you do not seem familiar with, call a professional electrician immediately to fix it. To avoid electrical faults in your home, it is important that you get electrical appliances regularly serviced and safety checked. This will ensure that any problems with your appliances are picked up on quickly and can be fixed. For example, if you have an air conditioning unit in your home, you should get this serviced each year before the summer starts; the URL here has more information.  

We hope that alerting you to these common problems in a house has helped you, first to assess all these points before buying a property and, second, if something similar happens to you, knowing how to act. Of course, if you have contracted home insurance, check the contract to determine if the fault is covered by the insurance and call your agent to proceed to solve it. If not, look online for a professional with proven experience.