5 things you are most likely to do when you win the lottery


It’s the subject of many an office conversation, musings in the shower, or a way of keeping sane while you’re stuck in traffic (again) on the way to work.

It’s ‘the list’ … the things you’d do if, by a several million to one chance, your numbers came up. Not just one or two, but all of them.

You may have pictured yourself holding that large cardboard check or cracking open a bottle of champagne, but what it is that you’ll actually do once all that money hits your bank account?

#1 Quit your Job

Yes, some people love their jobs. They leap out of bed every morning, before the alarm goes off, stoked and ready for another day doing something they love. However, chances are you aren’t in that blessed minority and the first thing you’d do is quit your job.

Whether your exit is all smiles and waves or if you play out your other fantasy of telling your boss to ‘shove’ his job, chances are you won’t be getting up for work the next day.

#2 Pay off your Mortgage

OK, you’re probably going to buy a bigger house anyway, but while you sit there planning your dream home (or even while it’s built) you’re going to want to pay off your mortgage. Not that the interest payments matter now, it’s just that the payments used to be kind of a big deal and you’re looking forward to seeing if the bank manager treats you any differently now you’re very rich. Heck, you might even get him to make an appointment to see you.

#3 Buy your Dream Car

This is the opportunity to get that car you’ve had on a poster on your wall since you were 8. It’s the chance yes, but in reality, you’ll want something a bit more up-to-date and grown-up. When it comes to picking your perfect car you might share my dream of owning a Maserati. Take a look around www.maseratiofnewportbeach.com and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

#4 Plan the trip of a Lifetime

It’s that holiday you’ve never had the time or the money to go on, and now you can go anywhere and at any time. Sure there are places on your bucket list that need ticking off, like the Pyramids or the Grand Canyon, but there’s that one place you’ve always pictured yourself in, that one beach you’ve dreamed of walking on – and that’s what you’ll be putting your champagne down to book flights for.

#5 Give to your Friends and Family

Now your life has changed forever, you’ll want to change the lives of those you love too. To pay for better care for a grandparent, letting an Uncle retire early, or paying off as many mortgages as you can.

Of course, your family and friends might not be the only ones you want to give to and helping out a charity or two may well also be on your list.