Flashback to Bavaria + German Holiday Gift Guide

I love looking through old photos, especially ones of our family adventures. Years ago, our family discovered Helen, Georgia which is a small town in North Georgia. It's recreated to look just like a Bavarian Alpine town and they spared nothing. From the German signs, shops and even buildings, it makes you feel like you just stepped off a plane in Europe.

It’s hard to believe that these pictures were taken about six years ago! Mary was so little back then and now she’s 12 years old. But even though the years have passed, Helen is still a favorite place for our family.

Originally Helen, Georgia wasn’t a recreated alpine village at all. It was just a normal north Georgia town. But after years of decline, the leaders decided to try and bring in visitors in a new way. And what better way than to bring a little of Europe to America? So they rebuilt the entire town with Bavarian style buildings and even renamed the streets in German names. And quickly, Helen became a fun tourist attraction that people still come to see to this day.

Helen has always been one of our favorite hideaways because of the beautiful shops and feel to the town. And I've always loved the German culture as well. If you love German culture too or know someone who does, check out our German Holiday Gift Guide below!

1. Cuckoo Clocks

Anyone who loves Germany is going to love a beautiful cuckoo clock.These timeless pieces of wall art were first designed in the Black Forest of Germany starting way back in the 1700s. Cuckooclocks.com has an amazing selection of both classic styles and modern clocks that would be perfect for any Bavarian lover.

2. German Food Box

If you love German food, then you've got to try German Food Box. It's a subscription that comes to your door with 6-8 German foods a month. It's a fun gift that keeps on giving! This is especially nice if you know someone who is from Germany and misses seeing their own food in the grocery store. 

3. Dirndls

Some women love the idea of wearing a beautiful dirndl and buying an authentic one is key. Traditional German dirndls can be expensive but they are well worth the investment. They are key pieces that can be passed down through the generations. And they are perfect for any German get-together!

4. Waldlaufer Shoes

For over 60 years, Waldlaufer has made beautiful German shoes that are not only comfortable but fashionable. They will compliment any outfit perfectly and will make a perfect gift. Plus who doesn’t love a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in? 

5. Steiff Teddy Bears

These adorable teddy bears were created over 120 years ago and are still being made right in Germany. They are made only out of the finest materials and are famous with collectors. Remember to make sure the Steiff bears you buy are originals. The ones made in Germany have the button in the ear.

6. Hummel Figurines

These beautiful figurines were modeled after drawings from a German nun and became popular in the 1930s and after World War II. They are still collected today and they also have a US online store to order them from.

I hope this German Holiday Gift Guide has helped give some ideas on what to buy your favorite Germany lover! Germany is such a beautiful country and their culture is so unique, any of these gift suggestions are sure to be a hit!