4 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm and Secure Over Winter


Winter is fast approaching and with the drastic weather changes that come with them, prepping your home for the cold and damp should be a strong consideration for you in order to save as much money as possible in the winter months.

With that being said there are a few simple ways that you can prepare your home for the winter months and a few useful actions you can take when the cold weather is finally here.

Wrap up warm

When you go outside in the cold you always wrap up to keep warm don’t you? If you wrap yourself up, why not wrap your house up as well?

Invest in Professional Insulation Removal & Replacement in your home. Consider the gaps in the walls and in your attic, as well as the space underneath your flooring. Keeping your house wrapped up stops the heat in there from escaping and keeps your house warmer for longer.

Don’t forget to invest in a good pair of curtains as well. Especially if your home has older windows that aren’t double-glazed. Good, thick, floor to ceiling curtains will also help trap warm air inside and keep cold air out. Close them when the darkness sets in early for the best effect.

Keep the heating on

If you live somewhere that the temperature consistently drops below freezing then keeping warm water in your pipes is a must. Cold, still water is just begging to be turned into a block of ice in your pipes and will easily burst and damage your system.

The last thing you want to do is to have to call a plumber or specialist out for Water Damage Remediation just because it got a little bit too cold. This leaves you out of pocket and out of warmth. Keep your heating running when it gets freezing.

Clean the gutters

Added rain, snow and sleet will push your gutters to breaking point if they aren’t cleared. Over time, leaves, debris and moss will build up in them, preventing good water flow and potentially causing expensive leaks and damage to your guttering and home.

Obviously climbing up a tall ladder to reach high guttering should only be done if you are confident to do so, so if in doubt don’t think twice about hiring a professional to do the work for you. It may cost a bit of money now, but it will definitely save money on water damage in the future.

Check your insurance

If you haven’t checked your insurance in a while then make sure it is up to date and covers any potential damages that may be caused by water or cold damage. Double-check with your insurance company to see what you are covered for before the weather gets too bad.

Don’t get caught out when something bad happens and find yourself out of pocket. Always make sure that your insurance covers you in case the worst happens. Speak to your insurance company sooner rather than later and get your coverage up to date.