How You Can Help Your Children Navigate Adulthood


Nobody said that adulthood was going to be a breeze. We thought that the stresses of school and having to remember your P.E kit was the extent of our responsibilities, however, that’s no longer true. Adulthood is definitely tough and has its challenges, and so with that knowledge, it’s good to give your children the life skills they’ll need in order to navigate this path in life as smoothly as possible. Sure there’s going to be bumps and mistakes along the way, but that’s a part of life that no planning can be done for. Here are some tips on how you can help your children navigate adulthood.

Teach Them The Basics

The basics of adulthood can be a wide range of skills and knowledge that you might not be able to cover in the space of a few years. It might be something that you teach to your children in the beginning and that they learn along the way. However, it can all be beneficial in their growth into the adulting world. One example of this is money and how they manage it. Understanding its value is important and that when they come to earn money for the first time, they’ll know how to spend it and save it properly. Getting into debt isn’t something you want for your children, and yet it can happen. Learning to budget is a valuable skill that your children will thank you for in times of trouble. Other basic skills that can be taught in their childhood is how to do the laundry. It’s something that you as parents might take over for a long time, but there will come a time where they are capable of doing more things around the home and contributing to the household in general.

Cooking is also something that’s worth them being aware of too. There are lots of people who unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to cook at home, and that can stunt what they’re able to do in the kitchen as adults. A lot of that ends up being self-taught, and therefore, the relationship they have with food may be a distant one, especially when it comes to preparing food at home and from scratch. Don’t allow this to happen in your own home and give them the opportunity to learn this most basic of skills.

Ensure They Understand It’s Normal To Fail

Failure is always seen as a bad thing because of the reaction it gets from others. There are those that will criticize your failures, kicking you whilst you’re down, but it’s important to listen to those individuals who are telling you to get back up and to keep going. As much as you might see failure as being a negative thing, it’s time we switched this around and made it a positive. After all, when it comes to failure, you learn a lesson, and that lesson is going to help ensure you don’t make that same mistake twice or a third time. Think about what you could do to teach your children about failure and how you might react when a child does fail at something, even with important situations like exams.

Failure is the key to success in some cases, so be sure to encourage them to make the most out of failure where and when it happens in life.

Encourage Self-Care & Mental Health Awareness

One thing that most people don’t get to do in life is to give themselves more self-care and pampering. We often instead, give it to others in abundance. However, self-care is important, and so is our awareness of our own mental health. When it comes to self-care, find things for you and your children to do that you enjoy and that your children enjoy. It’s encouraging this allocated time to spend on oneself that’s essential to teach to your kids. If they see you giving it to yourself, then they’ll likely to follow suit. Your children will often look up to you as a role model throughout their life and in different aspects of their life.

Mental health is also something that’s key to talk about because there’s still somewhat of a stigma attached to it. Thankfully more people are talking about their mental health and that it’s ok not to be ok. So if you find that you’re having a tough day or that your child has had a bad day, open those lines of communication. Let them know that it’s ok to talk about your feelings, even if it just requires another person to lend an ear and not say anything. Venting can often be important to do, and being aware of your mental health is beneficial.

Get Them Organized

Organization is definitely an important skill to have because it can ensure that every moment is taken advantage of, whether that be personal or work-related. Try to encourage your children to be organized with their time and how they manage it. It’s something that won’t always happen, and that’s why procrastination exists! However, there are definitely ways to help them to get organized and to allow them some independence in getting themselves ready for something in life. It could be that you have a family calendar with everything going on throughout the week, and to highlight any areas that concern them.

Everyone organizes themselves in a different way, so although it’s good to teach them your own skills when it comes to staying organized, they may wish to use their own and tailor it to themselves.

Spark A Need For Curiosity 

Curiosity is what everyone needs a bit of when it comes to life. It can help determine a lot of what happens in that person’s life, and whether you’re doing it through best phonemic awareness activities or painting at home, there’s plenty that can help spark some curiosity for something new. Having multiple interests can make your child into a more well-rounded and experienced human being. They might have more goals, dreams, or aspirations because of this interest they have for new things. Being curious and inquisitive is something that should be encouraged, and you can do this very easily as a parent. If your child is interested in something, then it’s certainly good to encourage them to follow through with their interests and to do what you can to help them do so.

Celebrate Successes

And finally, when it comes to your children, you always want them to succeed and do well in life. What that amounts to is up to them and how you judge that is also up to you. However, the main importance is that they’re happy and that they celebrate their own successes as and when it happens. We tend to critique anything we do wrong and sweep past anything we do right. As parents, you can encourage this celebration of achievements and success on a daily basis. From winning a class test to achieving a certain milestone, try to make more out things your children are achieving throughout life. The more you can do to encourage, the more they’re likely to always have this attitude when they do anything successfully.

Navigating adulthood is something you can help your children plan for, but ultimately it’s up to them how they handle it from there. As parents, all you can do is to guide them when they need it and to help them up when they fall down. Use these tips to make sure they’re able to go through life with everything they need to tackle it.