How to Change Up the Style of Your Bathroom Without a Major Renovation


If you have been living with a bathroom that is outdated in style and tired in design, you might have been wishing for a while now for the opportunity to change things up. However, bathroom renovations can be costly and arent necessarily worth pouring a great deal of money into in the long run. That being said, this doesnt mean that you have to put up with your bathroom style as is.

There are plenty of simple swaps and easy fixes that you can make to your bathroom if you are ready to change things up a bit. These alterations dont require a major renovation and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

Here are just a few changes that you can make to your bathroom that can help give it the style that you want.


One of the things in your bathroom that can make a major difference to its overall style is the flooring that is in place. If you have been living with laminate flooring that is outdated and worse for the wear or discolored tiles that are in need of replacing, you can generally make this change with relative ease.

Start by getting an estimate for the tile you want. There are some amazing, cost-effective options out there that wont be difficult to have installed in your bathroom. Just make sure that you go with something that wont clash too harshly with the other design elements in your bathroom as you arent about to undergo a major renovation. You can find a wide selection of options at a tile shop in Leeds.


Another simple swap that can result in a big change is to replace the mirror in your bathroom with something fresher and newer. Your bathroom might have a simple, small mirror that isnt doing the space any favors when it comes to style and design. A new mirror with a fun frame to add an additional dimension to the design might be just what your space needs.

Adding a larger mirror can also help make the bathroom feel larger. Coupling this with some fresh light bulbs can make the space feel plenty big enough and full of light. If you have the wall space and a double sink situation, consider getting two mirrors instead of one large one to help break the space up better.

New Fixtures

In some cases, it might be worthwhile and cost-effective to switch out the fixtures in your bathroom. Older styles and finishes can make the décor of your bathroom feel outdated. Newer fixtures in something like chrome or brushed nickel can help bring your bathroom up to date with ease.

The important thing to remember here is that you want everything to be consistent. Ensure that the fixtures in the shower match the sink and the toilet roll holder and the towel rack. Consistency in your design will help bring about a cohesive feel.