Home Must-Haves for a Happier Space

It's no surprise that people spend a significant portion of time at home, and this comes with great benefits to not only the outside environment but also to the learning of enjoyment in one's own company. Home is a great place to have friends and family over, it is a place where memories are made, exciting things happen, and ideally is often a place of security and love. This piece will discuss the must-haves for the home that will improve the living space and create a more peaceful, happier environment.

 Become a Plant Parent

Owning indoor plants is proven to encourage positive changes in health and happiness. Plants can boost moods, improve concentration, increase productivity, and improve mood – Phew! These benefits are open to everyone, which means the whole family can benefit from indoor plants. Make sure to research what plants need the most (or least) care indoors, how much daylight they might need, and other critical care information. 
 Some indoor plants need a lot of light to thrive, much like humans, though for different reasons!

 "Sunlight is associated with mood enhancement, calmness and focus."

Light, Light, and Light!

 Light is well known for its mood-boosting properties. Sunlight exposure releases the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with calmness, focus, and mood enhancement. Ideally, the light source in the home will be natural to reap the full benefits.

If there is the option to go "all-out", then why not consider a recommended sliding glass wall supplier in Arizona? Sliding glass walls offer exceptional daylight into the home, which is both good for the human and plant residents! Not to mention a seamless connection to nature outside, which is also hugely beneficial to mood.

However, if this is not possible, brightening up a space with light colors can also have a positive impact on mood. Using white as a color will instantly brighten up a room, either using it as a painted wall color, or even accessories, but do not be afraid to splash some bright, vibrant colors around too!


 Mood Enhancing Colors Around the Home

It might come as no surprise that colors have a direct impact on mood. The association of blue with sadness or red with anger are injected into our everyday life and can have a profound impact on our brain. 
 For a happier home, opt for colors such as bright yellow, orange, or pink! For those who would prefer a more calming ambiance, soft lilac and pastels create an air of soothing vibes, perfect for families who might need a little downtime. 


Scents for a Happy Home

Scents are one of the most potent triggers of emotions, which is why it is essential to be careful about what scents are let into a home! Some of the most common scents are actually the most valuable ones, such as lavender for calming, and peppermint for uplifting. Pink grapefruit is also a fantastic scent with energizing properties. These can all really enhance a home's mood and atmosphere!