5 Ways to Stay in Shape as a Busy Mom

It can be hard to find the time to look after yourself when you are a mom. Taking care of the little ones, maintaining work and juggling numerous to-do lists can consume a lot of your time and it can be hard to remember to schedule in some self-care. As a parent, it is easy to gain weight and get out of shape. But when you look good, you feel good, and even though your children come first, you need to prioritize the way you feel at times, because your health is extremely important. To help you stay in shape as a busy mom, here are five tips you should consider and follow.

Find a Gym That Provides Childcare

There are a few gyms around that have a childcare facility that you can use. This is great because it means you can fit in a workout without having to sort out childcare. It can also provide your child with some social interaction and a new experience. Childcare services at a gym tend to consist of a room full of toys and there are professionals there to watch over them.

Set Yourself Some Targets

Targets are a brilliant way to keep focused. Having something to work towards by making short-term goals that are achievable will allow you to see results and stay in shape around your busy schedule. Once you are in the mindset to work out, they will eventually become part of your life rather than a part of your to-do list. For example, you could choose to walk places instead of driving. Or maybe you can make a goal of keeping your clothes looking great so you feel great. With Athens Commerce Laundromat, you can drop off your clothes and come back for them. And I don't know about you, but I sure could have used this lately. I was in the hospital for half the month of September but I have been recovering since then. Which means I can't get downstairs to the laundry machine right now. And that also means it's up to my husband to do all the laundry. If I would have known about Athens Commerce Laundromat, I could have had him drop all our clothes off and they would have washed, dried and folded them for us. And that would have helped immensely when I was in the hospital. They are also open until 7pm 7 days a week too.

Eat Well

The key to staying in shape is to eat less and do more. Having a diet rich in fiber and whole grains is the best way to maintain a slim figure while having plenty of energy to carry out motherly duties. It also keeps your insides healthy as well as making you feel good. If you struggle to diet or eat well, then it is worth looking into a weight loss program to help you on your way.

Create Your Own Space

Having somewhere in your home that you can call yours is a great way to decompress yourself. This area can either be a room or a corner of a room where the kids haven’t taken over and can’t enter without your permission. This space can be yours to do whatever you want, including some quiet time to relax or a space to work out.

Involve the Kids

Exercising and eating well with your kids is a brilliant way to bond and encourage them to be active and healthy. It can also keep them occupied while teaching them a valuable life lesson. Try choosing meals that are easy enough for the kids to help prepare, such as turkey and salad wraps or whole-wheat pizza pockets. There is plenty of inspiration online to help you with meal ideas.

The hectic lifestyle a family brings does make it easy to forget about your own self-care. Luckily for you, there are many manageable ways you can improve your health and lifestyle around this schedule.