10 Ways to Use the Internet to De-Stress

Whether it’s from work, school, finances or the daily challenges that life brings us, we all have our sources of stress. Some people deal with it in ways that aren’t beneficial in the long term, while others always try to put it aside. It can often feel difficult to find something that allows you to de-stress without simply adding more stress later on. Your means of relaxation should be accessible, affordable and effective. Fortunately, the internet is here to help and there are a wide variety of websites available that can help you to de-stress. That’s why we’ve put together a list of places you can go to unwind, reset and get back in gear - no matter where you are.


Labuat is a unique concept that provides an interactive audio-visual experience for you to immerse yourself in. The aim is to engage you in thinking by giving you something to focus both your eyes and ears on. It’s best enjoyed with a pair of headphones and will work on both your laptop and smartphone, ensuring that you can unwind whenever you need it.


It’s hard to call Reddit a social media website, but for the sake of this comparison, that’s what we’ll refer to it as. Research has found typical social media hubs such as Facebook and Twitter to actually induce more stress - whether it’s from the news posts you read or the unpopular opinions of people in your circle.

The great thing about Reddit is that you can tailor your experience to only see what you really want to. Each topic/category has its own unique place called a subreddit, where you’ll only find a specific type of content. No matter what you’re into, whether it’s adorable cat videos or funny stories, there’s a place on Reddit that can help you out.


Calm describes their website as a simple app that brings clarity and peace into your life. Whether you’re avoiding that one big project or you simply want to kill some time, Calm offers a choice of 29 different settings such as Mountain Lake, Foggy Stream and Sunset Beach. So, no matter where you want to envision yourself relaxing, you can go there.

Gaming Websites

You don’t have to spend money on games or go downstairs to turn on the Xbox in order to utilize one of the best stress-reducers mankind has ever invented. The internet is home to a wide variety of gaming websites that allow you to relax and kill some time while getting a few high scores.

One in particular is Plays.org which has really fun and challenging games like Flight Sim. I am being serious where I got to level 4 and I finally had to walk away! It is a really challenging game to not let your planes crash!  

Make Everything OK

Okay, this is more of a novelty than a full-fledged stress-killer, but it’s nonetheless an awesome concept. While it can’t really make your problems disappear, the Make Everything OK button does a great job at visualizing the idea. Simply click away and watch your stresses hypothetically dissolve into the abyss.


Thinking is a great way to not only relieve stress, but also improve your focus, sleep better, eat better and give your mind an overall refresh. However, getting it right in a traditional, non-digital way isn’t something we can all do. This is why websites such as Headspace exist.

They also have an app for easy access to stress-relieving methods on your phone. You can choose from a selection of over a hundred different themed sessions that focus on a specific issue such as focus, sleep or anxiety. Their guided meditation sessions range in duration, ensuring that you can stick one on at any time of the day.


Sometimes the best remedy is taken through your ears - especially if you still want to stay productive or focus on something else while getting your stress-killing session in. Soundrown is a simple website that offers a variety of authentic sounds for you to enjoy, including rain, waves, coffee shop, fire and birds.

Online Window Shopping

Window shopping is the remedy of choice for many, but going all the way to a mall isn’t always viable. Fortunately, the internet offers more stores than any real shopping mall could ever squeeze in, allowing you to enjoy the bliss of living in a fantasy for a few minutes. Perhaps you’ll find a thing or two to add to your shopping list at the same time. Sometimes finding books like Miracle Morning can be a great help.

Funny Videos

Even if you feel like everything is about to fall apart at any moment, a funny video or two always seems to get the job done. Research has shown that laughter not only decreases stress, but contributes to an overall increase in happiness and even immunity.

YouTube is filled with millions of videos for you to choose from, making for an effective (and potentially dangerous to your schedule) place to unwind. Simply log on, find a few channels that satisfy your unique sense of humor, and remember to set an alarm for a few hours to ensure you don’t spend the entire day watching cats falling off things.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

When was the last time you consciously took a moment to do absolutely nothing? In today’s world of accessible media and information-overload, many of us forget to ever take in the benefits of simply unplugging for a few minutes. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is a pretty self-explanatory concept and will reset the timer if you touch your keyboard or mouse.

Once you find a means of relaxation that suits you and is easy to access, your mind will enjoy a plethora of benefits aside from simply de-stressing. Your heart rate will slow down along with your blood pressure, your digestion will improve and so will your blood sugar levels. De-stressing can also improve sleep and decrease chronic pain. These are just some of the benefits that come with taking a moment to relax and unwind. Be sure to do it whenever you feel like it and don’t feel guilty for killing some time on the web. After all, you truly deserve it.