With Winters First Frost by Kelly Irvin

From bestselling author Kelly Irvin comes the fourth and final book in the compelling Every Amish Season series.

With Winter's First Frost is a memorable story of second chances and friendship. Laura is a great-grandmother. Her husband passed away years ago after over 40 years of marriage. When a friend in the community needs to have her babies in the hospital, Laura goes in to help the family. And that means being around Zachariah. He is a great-grandfather and his wife passed away years ago as well. Now he is battling Parkinson's and just wants to feel needed in a family full of young people.

Laura and Zachariah form a friendship that shows you can still love, even in old age. This is a great story and I loved all the characters in the story. Tamara and how she wants to leave the Amish to be a doctor and Hannah who is dealing with a shunning. Overall I wanted to see how everyone turned out and it couldn't have been better.