How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

If you know someone who is expecting a little bundle of joy, then chances are you have been roped in to help plan a baby shower. A baby shower is essentially an excuse for the mom-to-be to put her feet up and be showered with gifts and attention before the baby arrives – after all, she won’t have any time to relax afterward! In order to plan the perfect baby shower, you’ll want to follow these handy tips.
Pick a Theme
It can be a nice idea to pick a theme for the shower, instead of just focusing on generic baby items. For instance, you could base the theme on a children’s book such as Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit series and include decorations and toys that relate to the books and characters. Design the baby shower invites to reflect the theme and try and create a cute woodland setting with flowers, leaves, acorns and stuffed animals. Making the shower more personalized for the mom-to-be will make it more memorable.
Include a Cake
Any celebration is a good excuse for cake, and for a baby shower, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for cute baby-themed cake designs online. From cute storks to little teddy bears, there is a wide range of cake designs to choose from. If the mom-to-be doesn’t know the baby’s gender, then you can always keep it gender-neutral, or have a bit of fun and make a cute ‘Boy or Girl?’ cake that’s half blue and half pink. Also, there might be other babies or young children at the shower, so make sure that the cake or cakes include some edible cake toppers so you don’t have to worry about any choking hazards for the little ones.
Keep Everyone Entertained
As with any good host or hostess, you will need to make sure that there isn’t a lull in the proceedings and keep everyone entertained. After all, you don’t want to be remembered for hosting the most boring baby shower! Include party games for your guests, like Don’t Drop The Baby (don’t panic, it’s only an egg) or Baby Shower Bingo. You could also have a Baby Birthday pool, where guests have to guess the baby’s due date and write it down. After the baby is born, whoever guessed the closest wins a prize of your choosing.
Turn It Into a Gender Reveal
As mentioned before, the mom-to-be may not yet know the gender of her baby but – if she consents – you can make her shower even more memorable by turning it into a gender reveal party! Gender reveals have become hugely popular over the years, with expectant parents revealing the sex of their unborn baby via cakes, balloons, smoke bombs and piñatas! Make the reveal fun for everyone and allow the expectant parents to share this special moment with their loved ones.
Hand Out Goody Bags
Goody bags are always a great way to ensure that your guests leave happy, so don’t skimp out on these! You can include goodies that fit with your theme, or you can treat your guests with small but special gifts like candles, bath bombs, sweets, and shower scrubs.