The Teachers Bride by Kathleen Fuller

"Sometimes opposites really do attract..."

The Teacher's Bride was unlike any Amish romance I have read before! The story starts out with Ruby Glick, a person who makes a mess everywhere she goes, leaving Lancaster to start a new life in Birch Creek. She stays with her brother's family, in hopes to find a husband in town. 

Then you have Christian Ropp, who is the teacher in town. He is smart, punctual and always thinking. And he's been thinking that he needs a wife. But he has no idea how to talk to women. 

Ruby and Christian both have trouble talking to the opposite sex but not with each other. So Ruby decides to tutor Christian on how to talk to women. But while they do, they realize that it was each other they both needed from the start.

This book was so funny I couldn't put it down! With the mishaps of Ruby and then trying to see if Christian would finally tell Ruby his feelings, I finished it in two days. It was a great read and I can't wait for the second installment in the Birch Creek series comes out!