Seasons of an Amish Garden by Amy Clipston

"Enjoy a year of beautiful seasons in this new story collection, as young Amish couples manage a community garden and harvest friendships and love along the way."

Seasons of an Amish Garden was an excellent read! The book is divided into 4 stories but each story includes the same characters that you get to know. But every story is from the point of view of a different person. It all starts out with planting a community garden to help the local homeless shelter. And in each of the 4 stories, you will see 4 couples fall in love during their involvement at the garden. Each story is about a different couple and how the garden brought them together. It was such a great read that I was finished in 3 days!

I have really enjoyed reading Amy Clipston's books lately and I love her style of writing. With each page, you just can't stop until the story is complete.

This book was unique since sometimes Amy will be an author for books with 4 novellas in them but these are stories that all revolve around each other. Overall the book was excellent and I recommend it to anyone who loves Amish fiction!