Indulgent Presents for Someone with Sensitive Skin

There’s truly nothing better than unwrapping a birthday or Christmas present that’s full of shower and bath goodies. For those with sensitive skin, though, this can cause trepidation. Many of us with sensitive skin who are prone to allergic reactions, dryness or inflammation, can mean new cosmetics are a difficult territory. It can be a seemingly harmless scent or astringent chemical that can set off a week’s worth of painful skin flare-ups. So, if you have a loved one with sensitive skin, what can you buy them without too much risk?

An All-Natural Skincare Package

Try and opt for moisturizers, cleansers and other skincare products that use a minimal amount of artificial chemicals. Be careful, too, about the phrase ‘all-natural.’ Just because the ingredients are plant or mineral-derived, doesn’t mean that someone can’t be allergic to them. For example, one of your loved ones might be sensitive to lavender oil, bananas or tea-tree oil. With this in mind though, there are also plenty of ranges with either natural or sensitive-skin formatted chemicals to soothe irritable skin:

  • Restorative creams: these are the ultimate indulgence for irritated skin. Using a natural moisturiser that is designed to repair and saturate skin with moisture will help to soothe breakouts of dry or tight skin.
  • A simple cleanser: buying a cleanser that has simple ingredients (a good, effective oil that is efficient at removing waterproof mascara such as coconut oil is always preferable) will help to avoid rubbing and tugging at sensitive skin. Face wipes are not only bad for the environment, but they are also very seldom effective at removing all makeup. A hot cloth and oily cleanser is far better for softly removing heavy products.

Bath Soaks

Ideally, those with sensitive skin don’t want to take too many baths in piping hot water as this can dry out and irritate skin further. Extremely hot or cold water can remove necessary moisture from the skin, which is the last thing you want as someone with sensitive skin. Oatmeal bath soaks and bath products that are relatively mild will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation without having too much of a negative effect on your delicate pH balance.

Atmospheric Extras

Essentially, what you are creating is a bumper pack full of dermatologically-tested products with minimal, mild ingredients. Bathing can be stressful for those who are prone to breakouts, so why not give them some bathroom accessories to create a truly indulgent atmosphere? This bundle could include:

  • Scented candles: many people with sensitive skin can’t put scents and strong perfume on their face, so why not add them to the room instead?
  • An oil vaporizer: those who are a bit squeamish about the idea of a naked flame are far more likely to prefer something that releases scent in a way that is safe and easy to use.
  • Bathroom accessories: hanging plants, ornaments and maybe some decorative features will create that at-home spa feeling.

Sensitive skin needn’t be a curse; it can be a blessing as it will put you on the path to find the most pure and chemical-free products on the market. Crafting a bath time hamper for someone with sensitive skin will give them a relaxing treat that won’t wreak havoc on their delicate skin.