5 Tips for a Great Family Wedding

Family weddings can lead to unnecessary drama, and the worst thing that could happen at the wedding would be that your guests are left bored. Weddings should be a time for all the family to get together and enjoy themselves, celebrating the new couple. Luckily, it can be simple to make sure that your family wedding goes smoothly for both you and your guests.
  1. Hire a Spacious Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is one of the top priorities when looking to make your wedding magical for everyone. Your venue should be spacious enough for all your guests to attend without any issues with overcrowding and should be easily accessible for all guests so that everyone you love can attend. If you are looking for the perfect venue for your family wedding, there are many party venues that can provide your wedding with delicious food options to appeal to everyone’s tastes, luxurious accommodation for guests to relax in, and a gorgeous location that can make your wedding seem like a fairy-tale. One of which is Squaremeal which offers restaurant standard recipes for free. They also offer hygiene ratings on all listings too. Squaremeal helps you select the right venue for any of your needs.
  1. Keep the Kids Entertained

Not only can kids become disruptive when bored, but they are just as important members of the wedding party as the adults. To ensure that they have a great time, you should consider setting up activities such as a craft corner or table games to allow them to have fun independently of the adults. You may also consider hiring childminders or creating a separate space for the kids to play to ensure that they have the time of their lives while also allowing the adults at the wedding to enjoy themselves.

  1. Get Everyone Together

Your priority at a wedding should be making sure that everyone feels connected, especially if you have invited individuals that do not know the rest of the family. You can get everyone together by hiring entertainment, such as a disco or DJ, who can inspire your guests to get up on the dance floor and participate in wedding games and activities. You could also consider fun surprises such as pinatas and photo booths, which can help you to create beautiful memories while also keeping your guests entertained throughout the night. Another way to bring guests together is to consider unique seating plans that do not partition guests, such as using a circular formation rather than straight rows.
  1. Ensure Guests Are Happy

Your wedding can become sour if your guests are not kept happy, and you should ensure that their needs are met at all times. For instance, if your wedding reception is outside or held during the summer months, you should consider providing fans, cold drinks, air conditioning, or moving the reception to a different location. You should also make sure that all of your guest's dietary requirements are prepared for, with the potential of culinary alternatives or late-night snacks to stave off hunger.
  1. Personalize the Wedding for Guests

There are many thoughtful personalizations that you can make to your wedding that can make your guests feel loved and considered during the event. Try crafting your own decorations, such as placeholders and invitations for each guest, give guests small tokens to remember the wedding by, or consider personalized coasters, such as engraving them with messages or photographs.