How to Create a Unique Bedroom for Your Kids

There are some interior design choices that are made for the long-run: these could be an extension or knocking through the kitchen and installing hardwood floors. Sometimes, however, it’s fun to install a new design that may only be there for a few years. Kids’ rooms enable you to be a little more creative with your design choices and allow you to add bursts of colour where you personally otherwise wouldn’t. If you want to surprise your little one with a fun bedroom to sleep in, here are some design options.

Playful Carpet Patterns

As adults, we often use rugs to add a moderated amount of color to a room, but when you’re designing a child’s room, the same restrictions don’t have to apply. The younger years of life are when your imagination is at its most expansive and you have far less limitations imposed on you by what is deemed as ‘tasteful.’ Therefore, this is a great opportunity to really indulge in some bright and poppy color choices. Companies such as A Flooring Boutique specialize in both traditional and unique flooring options, giving you plenty of choice to browse through.


If you’re reluctant to buy a race car bed for fear that it will need to be put up for second-hand sale in just a few years, then you can still get creative with other features. Choosing quirky shelving could add stylistic shapes to the room without it being too imposing. You can buy pre-made shaped shelving units to avoid the need to get too experimental with your DIY skills.

Utilize Contrast

If your child is asking for a particular color scheme, but you’re worried that this will date very quickly, then use contrasting tones to mediate the overall effect. So, for example, if your little one is asking for a pink room, then use muted greys and greens to counterbalance the use of magentas or pastel pinks. You can create this balancing act by using either paint colors or accessories in the room. For example, a colored table, dresser or wall decals could help to create a composed color palette.

Geometric Patterns

If a wall full of Disney princesses or cartoon characters feels a bit much for you, then consider other wallpaper options. Geometric patterns instantly add design flare, but without being too busy or tacky. Even simple, elegant shapes can evoke childhood and create a magical feel if you choose the right color scheme.

Simple Repetition

If your child has an obsession with a particular animal, character or color, then adding simple repetition can curate an elegantly-themed room. For example, adding dog-themed toys, prints and themed objects subtly in the room can showcase an interest without it being overwhelming.

If your child is asking for a new bedroom with a bit more vibrancy and flare, then don’t put this off on the basis that they will grow out of it. There are simple and discreet ways of encapsulating childhood interests and joy without it being overwhelmingly bold.