How to Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

When you first buy a home, you have so many visions for how it will transform over the years of living there. You want to do this and do that and it will be perfect. But, time usually gets away from you and money is spent on other things. Eventually, you think back to yourself and say something along the lines of, “Why did I never renovate this?!” But, what if doing some renovation work could actually improve your home value, without feeling like you spent too much money (in the end)? That’s the way to do it.

According to HGTV, “In the hottest housing markets, springing for a kitchen or bath remodel is a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost. In Baltimore, for instance, a $9,400 bathroom remodel recouped 182 percent of its cost at resale, according to Remodeling's 2004 study. The markets in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and San Diego also offered triple-digit returns on a bathroom remodel. Minor kitchen remodels (average cost: $15,273) also provided returns of more than 100 percent in cities including Providence, R.I., Miami, New Orleans and, of course, San Diego, where a $17,928 investment netted $27,000 on resale.

Kitchens and baths are the areas in a home "where you can tell if money has been well spent or not," says architect Steve Straughan, a partner in Los Angeles-based KAA Design Group. "They're the most expensive areas of the home in terms of construction. And they're where people spend time in their homes." So exactly what should you improve when you redo your kitchen or bathroom? Think traditional: all-wood cabinets, commercial-look appliances, natural wood or stone floors and stone countertops.”

Based on that blurb from HGTV, a kitchen (or a bathroom) remodel really does sound like a good idea to me if you are going to sell your home in the future, which most of us are. Here are some tips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams:

The first step in any remodel or renovation is to plan. Think about what you want, think about it again, run it by others (especially professionals, and then think about it some more. The reason why you need to think about it so much is that with a huge investment like this, you want to be confident that you will not only love the renovation but that it will add value to your home, as well. Painting your countertops black might be something that you will like for a while, but it will definitely not add value and that’s why taking the time to think about it and make sure you are not jumping the gun on anything will be a lifesaver during this process. Research kitchen renovations and see what type of materials will last. If you read above, you will know that HGTV says all-wood cabinets, commercial-looking appliances (more on this in a bit!), natural wood or stone floors, and stone countertops are all great ideas.

You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the cost of your renovation, so make sure you start saving the minute you know that a renovation will take place. It is best to get a few estimates so that you are not under-budgeting and having to come up with extra cash at the last minute. If you save over time, you will not only feel very proud of yourself, but you will feel less stressed, as well.

Now, I want to talk about a few things that you should focus on during your renovation, countertops being my first recommendation. Stone countertops are always a winner, but there are many different types, so you should do your research before you choose. For example, marble may sound very appealing, but it is very porous and easy to stain. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are practically maintenance free. They are resistant to stains, acid, scratches, heat, impact resistance, and in addition to that, they are non-porous, so they do not even need to be sealed.

High-Quality Appliances
My second recommendation would be to purchase high-quality appliances. As you read above, HGTV recommends commercial-like appliances, but instead of focusing on that, I want you to focus on quality, high-end appliances. Guy Gunter Home is the spot in Metro-Atlanta where people go when they need new appliances, specifically high-end appliances. Guy Gunter Home is the place in Georgia that will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. They say, “your home is more than just a shelter from the elements. It’s the place you can seek refuge from a fast-paced, twenty-four-seven world. Home is where you find comfort, in the people and the passions you cherish.”

Guy Gunter Home’s sales professionals have worked closely with the brands and understand each brand’s unique strengths and specifications, which allows them to match the best products for your home and project. It also allows them to pass on that knowledge to you so that you are able to make an informed decision. If you are needing high-quality appliances for your kitchen renovation, I highly recommend checking out their state of the art showroom located in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, start saving and planning now so that you can create the kitchen of your dreams! If you're looking for kitchen remodeling olympia wa make sure to check out great contractors in your area.