How to Transform Your Garden for 2020

Gardening is rising in popularity, possibly due to the fact that it is a great way to use your intelligence as part of a fun and enjoyable hobby. It’s also very rewarding, as you can not only monitor the development of your garden and see changes happen before your eyes, but also once you’ve put in the hard work you can sit back, relax and enjoy the space you’ve taken so long to make.

Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive either, you can transform your garden ready for 2020 for about £1000 if you’re smart about it. Here are some ways others have done the same.

Don’t use traditional hedging

Instead of hedging your garden, you can use more modern methods that keep things simple and budget-friendly. You can create formal beds by building pine sleepers to bracket in your plant beds, and can even create different levels to add some originality to your garden. It also gives you a bit more control over which plants you want to feature where, and allows you to split up your flowerbeds into distinct areas that may be beneficial in contributing to your overall theme.

Sleepers and the screws you need to put together can cost a lot if you go through a garden or typical hardware store, but if you’re trying to transform your garden, you should try and get trade or wholesale prices from a site like Tradefix Direct.

Look for freebies wherever possible

Rockery can add definition to your garden, but it can be expensive (especially considering they are just lumps of one of the most abundant natural objects on earth). You should keep an eye out for rock-substitutes everywhere you go, an example of which could be by salvaging a crumbling old stone wall (with permission of course).

You also don’t need to spend lots of money setting this rockery - you can dig a hole for a pond and use that earth as a mound to support your rocks and other features. You can also place herbs between the rocks to keep them looking natural. Herbs are great to feature in a garden as they can be very affordable and look, smell, and taste great.

Other Considerations

Pond lining and a small water pump can be obtained cheaply, and you can set up a beautiful water feature with relative ease if you do it yourself with a basic knowledge of electrical routing.

Plants will be your biggest expenditure, so be really careful when planning them. Think about how they will look together and keep in mind when they flower - the idea is to have a garden with some plants that are flowering as often as possible. You should also consider some cheaper plants like ferns, which can offer privacy and are largely maintenance-free.

Have fun with your garden transformation - you’ll have to work hard, but if you believe in your cause and enjoy seeing the results, time will pass quickly; in no time you’ll have a stunning garden to enjoy.