How to Kill Mildew with Mean Green

I am a Mean Green Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

I have to admit that I am not a person that enjoys cleaning the bathroom. My husband helps me clean our house but he refuses to clean the bathroom. And after spending lots of time cleaning the bathroom in the Army for a bunch of other men I can completely understand. The bathroom is kinda gross to both of us but it has to get clean one way or the other!

But I have a weak stomach so when it comes to the bathroom, I like a product that I can spray and leave for a bit so it can do its work. And that's where Mean Green Mildew Destroyer comes in. I use this on everything in the bathroom honestly.

First I spray down my sink, counters and faucet with it. Next I spray down the entire toilet including lifting up the seat. And then I spray down the entire tub including the chrome faucets. The last part is beautiful - I just leave it alone and close the door!

When I come back, everything is sparkling clean and just needs to be wiped down. I wipe down the counters, sink and faucet and give them a quick rinse with water to get rid of the bleach smell. Then I scrub the toilet, wipe the rims and flush. Lastly, I spray down the shower with water and I'm all set!

I have sprayed the Mean Green Mildew Destroyer on toothpaste stains in the sink, discoloration on the toilet seat and mildew in the tub and it will get rid of everything without having to scrub.

Overall this is my favorite Mean Green product because it works wonders and helps me get my bathroom sparkling without much effort!