Furry Mystery Subscription Box June 2018 Unboxing

As most of my readers know, I love to unbox subscription boxes. But most wouldn't know that my daughter is a furry! Yes, you read that right. She is a furry. No, that doesn't mean she's an animal! Being being a furry does mean that she likes to dress up as one! A furry is a person who likes anthropomorphic animals and enjoys costuming as one. I never knew of this fad until she found out about it years ago. So what exactly is an anthropomorphic animal? Basically it's an animal that has human tendencies, stands on two legs, wears clothes, etc. Apparently being a furry is so popular that there are even conventions dedicated to it! And Mary is going to her first this October in her very own fursuit!

So for fun, I wanted to see if there were any subscription boxes dedicated to furries and I found the Furry Mystery Box! The Furry Mystery Box is shipped four times a year and includes things you would normally find at a convention like buttons, lanyards, patches, posters, etc. It also includes a shirt in the size of your choosing as well which really makes it cool!

Want to see just what was in my Furry Mystery Box for June 2018? Check out the unboxing video below!

Overall we were impressed with the quality of the items we got and we loved the shirt! Furry Mystery Box also has a subscription for just the shirts as well so if you just want a shirt each time with no other swag, that's an option for you too! Make sure to check them out if you love furry themed items too!