Five Top Tips To Create A Stylish Child-Friendly Home

Making your home child-friendly while keeping it looking stylish can be a challenge; brightly colored plastic toys have a habit of taking over, and it can feel like everything is covered in stains and crumbs. If this has happened to you, don’t panic; with a little careful planning and design, it’s possible to combine family life with a beautiful interior - and we’ve got five easy tips to show you how.

Bring Nature Inside

Natural elements in the home are not only great for your health - plants are super air purifiers - but they also look ultra-stylish. Get your children involved by letting them help choose some for your living space, and then head off to the beach or woods to find some treasures to accessorize your home with. Try brightly-colored wildflowers, dried seed-heads, and interesting grasses to fill vases throughout the seasons - and why not collect driftwood to sand down and turn into rustic-style signs for their bedroom doors?

Use Effective Storage

It’s a fact that kids come with a lot of things, and it can seem at times like it’s taking over your home; toys, games, books and school equipment can soon leak into every room, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Choosing minimal-style, yet effective storage is the answer - opt for plain white-fronted cupboards and drawers, with separate compartments for smaller items such as art and craft equipment. Low cabinets can also double as extra seating - simply add some cushions or padding to the top, and you’ve got yourself a window seat or reading nook!

Choose Flooring Wisely

Flooring is always a problem when you’ve got young children; carpets are prone to stains and tend to harbor bacteria, and laminate can become chipped and scratched. Investing in a polished concrete floor is a great option; they’re cost-efficient, non-slip and non-porous, meaning that not only are they easy to keep clean, they’re also great for anyone with allergies and respiratory issues.

Use Tough Paint

Handprints, scuffs, and chips are common issues for walls when you’ve got young children - there’s nothing more frustrating than finding marks or dents on a newly painted wall! Instead look at durable paint, for example, satin and eggshell finishes are available in a huge range of colors, and can be easily wiped clean when they get marked. They’re also stain resistant - which makes painting over them much easier when it’s time to redecorate.

Utilize Their Artwork

It might not be as stylish as minimal prints, but why not use your children's artwork in their bedrooms to decorate with? Framing pictures, paintings, and other creations, and then assembling them into a gallery wall design looks beautiful in a kids room - and they’ll be super pleased that their artwork is on the wall for everyone to see. Alternatively, pop up slim ledges, and create a changeable area that you can move around when you redecorate, or as they grow and change their style of creativity.