Meet Team Mean Green

I am a Mean Green Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

I am a pretty habitual person since every Friday I clean the entire house. Cleaning day has been the same for years but the one thing that has changed is what I'm cleaning with. When I clean, I want to be sure that everything is spotless when I finish so that's why I switched to Mean Green!

Mean Green has an amazing product line that I've been introduced to. I've been using them in our house for a few weeks now and so far I'm really impressed. From removing discoloration from my tub to leaving my floors squeaky clean, I'm in love.

So let me give you the tour of my products and how they work!

Orange Champ is a favorite of mine for the kitchen! I also use it to mop the floors and they come out so squeaky clean! It's a multi purpose cleaner and leaves a great citrus smell.

Mean Green Mildew Destroyer is an amazing bathroom cleaner! I made a video about how I used it to clean the ring around my tub without even scrubbing it! Check it out below!

Mean Green Super Strength is a concentrated cleaner and it's strong! You can use it to clean just about anything, even fabric!

Last but not least, Mean Green Auto & Garage is perfect for anyone who loves to clean their car! I'm going to be using this one next month when I wash our car! I can't wait to see how it does the tires!

So far I am loving the entire line and I'll be updating again soon!