The Best Spots for a Family Vacation in Tuscany

Growing up, I always heard stories about my mother's side of the family. My great-grandmother came over from Italy years ago which makes me a fourth generation immigrant. So hearing stories about her and even learning Italian customs was a part of my childhood.

Because of that, I've always had a love for Italy and especially the countryside. But traveling out of the country can be a daunting task, especially if you are taking the kids in a triple stroller!

If you are toying with the idea of vacationing in Tuscany with your family, then simply go ahead with your plan. After all, the region is a quietly child-friendly and families with kids can enjoy a wonderful time with many fun things to see, do and experience. Florence, Southern Tuscany, and Central Coast & Elba are the most recommended regions for families and are already a big favorite with all. After all, there is a vast choice of spots including sandy beaches, fascinating museums, outdoor action waterways, subterranean lakes, and caverns to explore by the whole family. There are plenty of Tuscany towns with enough to offer a mix of picturesque medieval side streets and shop-lined thoroughfares that are just perfect for a family with kids.

Most children love gelato, pizza, and pasta and you have plenty of that in the Tuscany region. Children are welcomed warmly in restaurants that are overwhelmingly friendly. Getting around Tuscany is not an issue as the distances are not unusually long and there are plenty ' opportunities to entertain the children while driving. One can simply rent a villa in Tuscany and plan their whole trip from there. The best way to see Tuscany is to rent a villa or an apartment in the country area. However, as traveling with children involves little extra planning, one should start their planning months before and chalk out a well-planned itinerary and the accommodation they would choose before they start. Tuscany offers the best option for families with plenty of kid-friendly activities like horse riding, swimming, tennis and mountain biking. Just plan a child-friendly holiday that is sure to suit the whole family.

Wander in the vineyards

Walking tours among the vineyards is simply an excellent option as the children get lots of space to run about. Look for a child-suitable walking tour around the Chianti vineyards that can be enjoyed well by their little legs. The whole family can enjoy the vineyards tout and alter head for the magnificent Brolio Castle that is sure to catch the imagination of children with its historic and imposing structure.

Take a cooking class

Nothing could be better than taking a cooking class with your children during a family vacation in Tuscany. The class takes in children from ages 2 to 13, along with the adults and everyone has a fun time trying out new recipes and learning new skills. The hands-on engagement and good conversation with a talented teacher make for a great fun experience. You can learn how to make pasta or pizza from scratch. Kids love to knead the dough and taste something that has been made by them.

Discover Lucca

Lucca is the only town in Italy that is surrounded by walls that date from the Renaissance. Located Lucca just northeast of Pisa, the little town is fun to explore. One can bicycle along these tree-lined walls. The bikes come with all kinds of attachments that include trailers, and baby seats. Explore the extraordinary13th-century mosaic within the Basilica di San Frediano and the oval-shaped piazza of the Piazza Anfiteatro. Enjoy looking at the charming medieval houses constructed within the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre.

Sightseeing at Parco Avventura

Intersperse regular sightseeing and some more adventurous activities in your trip to keep the children interested. One good option is to monkey around at Parco Avventura where they can enjoy climbing through the trees. There are a mini zip-line and a low-level route with a tunnel. There are more demanding courses with higher levels of difficulty for the teenagers’ and adults. One can certainly get more adventurous here.

Explore the museums

Botticellis, Michelangelo and Leonardos as well as Museo di Leonardo da Vinci make for an amazing tour. Venture up the Duomo and check out the science museum, Museo di Storia della Scienza or the Children's Museum. There are different kids' workshops and events at various museums that are sure to keep them entertained and busy.

Segway Tours in Florence

One good to see Florence’s arresting architecture is to change the mode of transport. Walking can get tiring so why not try out the Segway tours. It sure is exciting to fly around on a Segway and enjoy whizzing past the Giotto’s Bell Tower, Duomo Square, Uffizi Square, Uffizi Square, and Repubblica Square. Look for a licensed tour guide that will offer you the explanations and information, so that the younger visitors can also get to learn a thing or two.

Water-based fun at Acqua Village

End your day with a cool off at Acqua Village! Kids will simply love the day out at a water park and enjoy the water-based fun which is hard to resist even for the adults. Acqua Village is definitely worth devoting a day of your trip if you happen to be near the Tuscan coast. There are two outposts of the large waterpark, one is in Cecina near Livorno, and the other is in Follonica near Grosseto. There are plenty of enough flumes, chutes, and pools to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Pistoia for a lively time

Pistoia with its Moonlight Zoo is very popular among families with children on vacation in Tuscany. Enjoy guided evening visits to look at those animals. Parco di Pinocchio near Pistoia attraction with bronze statues of characters is another added attraction. The kids will love the maze, live shows, weekend face painting plus a mechanical puppet theatre.