Waking Up Refreshed with Nectar Sleep Mattress

This post is in collaboration with Nectar. All opinions are my own.

In our house, sleep is extremely important. All of us are very deep sleepers and we all usually sleep around 12 hours a night. I can't function well with only 8 hours so I know how important it is to get a good night's rest. And that's why we have a very interesting sleeping arrangement in our house too.

When my husband and I first got married, we shared a bed but as the years went by, I found him sleeping more and more on the couch. Eventually he was diagnosed with scoliosis of  the spine and has had terrible back pain off and on. So instead of watching him sleep on the couch, we got him a bed of his own.

In our bedroom, we have two beds that are separated by a nightstand. It's sort of like a "I Love Lucy" thing from the 50's. But we both sleep just fine that way and have for years. At least until my husband's mattress really started giving him problems. We had tried everything to help his back pain including putting five foam mattress toppers on top of his old mattress! But he would still wake up in the middle of the night in pain. So that's when we turned to Nectar.

Nectar Sleep Mattress is shipped rolled up right to your doorstep. Rated #1 by reviewers and acknowledged as “the best mattress money can buy” by customers, Nectar is a better bed at the best price. Each mattress arrives backed by Full Comfort Guarantee and a Forever Warranty. Each Nectar mattress has 5 layers of premium foam that is rated as a medium firmness.

Setting up a Nectar Sleep mattress is very easy too. Unpack it from the box, and lift the roll onto the bed frame. Cut the plastic with the enclosed plastic slicer and the mattress will roll out on its own and will start to inflate to its normal height.

So what was the verdict on the Nectar Sleep mattress? My husband says it is the most comfortable bed he has ever had and has been sleeping wonderfully. Mary has also declared it "the cloud bed" and is always laying on it to play her Nintendo Switch.

Overall it really has a great firmness but also contours perfectly to your body too. It's the best bed for someone with back pain because it will fit you like a glove. And with a forever warranty, you can't go wrong!