Motherhood War Stories

I think all mothers have a good war story to tell. Most of us don't think that at one point of time we would be preparing for "war" in our homes, especially before we have kids. Before kids, you have sweet thoughts of children. You never think that one day you'll be a soldier in your own house; trying to stop toilet paper bombs from being thrown!

My personal war story as a mom? Oh, I have plenty. That's why I always feel like it's the 1940s war time in my house.

Just to give some examples, I've been everything from a Tantrum Slayer when Mary was younger to a Kid Wrangler as she gets older. But I think my most memorable war story would have to be when I earned my patch for being a Stain Investigator.

Back in 2013, Mary was allowed to eat in her room. To all the other parents out there, heads up, bad idea. I obviously thought she was responsible enough to tell me if something spilled but I was wrong. She ate her snack, the day went on and finally a few days went on. Then I started to notice a strange smell coming from her carpet. Getting down on my hands and knees like all mothers do, I sniffed around to finally find a patch of yuck on her carpet. I had no idea what it was but it smelled awful!

At that point I was more determined to get rid of the horrible odor but first I had to figure out what she had spilled. After thinking back, I remembered that part of her snack was a glass of milk. Bingo - it was spilled milk on my carpet!

I tried everything to get the smell out with every cleaning product I had in the house. Eventually it did come out and the smell was gone but after that day, Mary wasn't allowed to eat in her room anymore.

So after that ordeal, I symbolically earned my Stain Investigator badge.

Even though I have a lot of motherhood war stories I could tell, I still have amazing memories from being a mother too. Although sometimes I feel like I've just been recruited by the war department to defend my country!

This old war poster pretty much sums it up. For your own sake tomorrow!

But really, I do have a lot of precious memories with Mary and a lot of them include pizza. Mary is a huge pizza buff and could easily eat one weekly. When Mary was little we would go out for pizza and even stay in to make our own. One of my favorite things to do for her is just pop one in the oven as a surprise. Her personal favorite is Red Baron, but not just because she is a Peanuts movie buff either! Red Baron has been around for years and their pizza is quality. I know when I get it, it's going to have that perfect taste that she loves.

Her absolute favorite one from Red Baron is the Brick Oven Crust Cheese Trio. It smells so good when you're cooking it, you almost just can't wait!

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