10 Dishes to Indulge in When You’re in Singapore

“When in Rome, dress like a Roman.” Now, we can’t know for sure who said these words of wisdom, but nevertheless, it’s pretty accurate and fair advice. Out of the many travel destinations we know of, Singapore stands out as being exquisite and culturally rich with no hassles with the visa. So, while providers like Visa Express handle your assessment, read this list of 10 dishes that you should definitely indulge in when you’re there.

  • Crab: There are two variants to this delicacy – one made with chilli sauce that’s complemented by the tomato’s sweet flavour, and the other in black pepper sauce. These are usually served with buns and, if you’re a seafood lover, you absolutely have to have them.
  • Wanton Mee: Borrowed from Hong Kong cuisine, the Wanton noodles have fused well into Singapore’s cuisine to the point where it’s not even wet noodles anymore. The slight degree of fluidity is kept here with a bit of soup, which goes along well with the slices of pork and the dumplings. This again comes in two variations – a spicy one and a sweet variant.
  • Oyster Omelette: This is an overload of goodness right here, prepared in unison with eggs and potatoes, which gives the dish a thicker texture and a fuller taste. This is easy to find at the local Hawkers as a popular street food and takes the concept of “chaat” to an entirely different level.

  • Satay: If you are a lover of seekh-kebab, then this is the local version of it. The choice of meat encompasses chicken, mutton, beef, and pork, and is grilled over open fire. A variety of accompaniments add different tastes to this.
  • Kaya toast: Oh, the love of breakfast! The classic version of this has toasted bread slices slapped with coconut and egg kaya and, between the two slices, in goes the butter that melts and does wonders. Not to be missed!
  • Chicken rice: The chicken for this is boiled in pork and chicken stock to impart the right flavour, and is accompanied by garlic and red chilli sauces and plain rice.
  • Char Kway Teow: What started off as a cheap energy meal for the labourers in the past has become a famous delicacy today. Flat rice noodles cooked in a sweet dark sauce, accompanied by eggs, pork, chicken sausages, and fish, this is the complete meal for hours of energy.
  • Roti Prata: Having an Indian origin, this is a version where egg, sauces, cheese, mushrooms, etcetera are mixed into the dough and flipped on a metal pan. The filling is complete and tasty – this is a dish to not miss.
  • Tau Huay: Reminiscent of the Bengali Mishti-doi, this is made with beancurd tofu sweetened by sugar syrup. This has a milky base to it, and goes in any weather with a hot and cold variant.
  • Ice Kacang: Again, this is a major throwback to Indian Barf-ka-gola (ball of ice) with the ice crushed and shaped like a mountain. Followed by a drizzle of milk and sweet rose syrup, this makes for an excellent dessert to beat the heat.

That was all from our side. Explore, eat, and let us know which dishes appeal most to your palate!