Outfit: A Simple Country Morning

Growing up, I lived in a very large city. The population was millions so city life was all I really knew. But when I got married, my husband and I ended up settling in a town with a population of 33,000. It was very different from what I was used to but there were advantages that I soon saw.

I live in a quaint house that sits in the middle of a field. Completely behind it is nothing but woods. I check the mail in my pajamas and like it that way. But most of all, I like all the nature I have. I can hear the birds chirping when I wake up. I hear roosters crowing all day long. And I get all kinds of woodland creatures coming into my yard.

I have a soft spot in my heart for animals, especially wild ones. I can't help but go and want to play with any animal I see. I guess that is just part of my nature. And there are some amazing creatures I have been able to see right on my own land too. One day I saw a gorgeous Red Fox cross into the woods in front of me. I've heard wolves howling at night and I've found turtles roaming through my front yard. And who can forget the deer?

Deer are always in my yard because of my wood line. They come in packs and sometimes I will even see them standing at the side of the road. There's been so many lately that we now have deer signs on our road for safety.

But there is something magical and beautiful about deer. I love to see them and always want to get close to them.

And sometimes if you're quiet enough, you can do just that.