Outfit: A Good Day for a Book

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It's been raining here a lot lately which is strange for January weather. The other night we had a torrential downpour that sounded like the house was under a tornado. Even though I hate the sound of extreme wind since I grew up in hurricane central, I still do love a rainstorm. It always makes me want to curl up to a good book in my pajamas.

I found a book that my mom had given me years back too. She was the librarian at my school so when she discarded old books, she usually took them home for me. As a result, I become an avid reader.

Most of my childhood days were spent in a library. Either the one at my school or the public library. Reading was like a whole other world to me. I spent my weekends reading novels and read them on the bus ride home from school. When I got my driver's licence, I always would drive to the library to pick up the books I had reserved the night before. Libraries were always a part of my life, even from the very beginning.

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This year I introduced Mary to a book club for kids her age in our home-school group. This month's book is Mr. Popper's Penguins and I have yet to read it. What's fun about a book is the feeling that you're actually there. I remember being young and just escaping into a book. I hope that Mary can have that same feeling one day when she finds a book she loves.