Outfit: Oh Canada

dress (eshakti), tichel (wrapunzel)

There is sort of a running joke in my family about how much I love Canada. It's always been a beautiful and fun place to me, even as a kid. I have woolen 'Canada" mittens that I wear when it snows and on occasion in our home, you can hear me and Mary singing the Canadian National Anthem.

So what makes Canada so special to me? Honestly, I have no idea why I started loving Canada so much. But it could have started when I started learning French during high school from a Quebec native. She would tell stories of living in Canada and it always seemed like a fairy tale. Life just seemed so different and I knew one day I wanted to drive until I saw the beautiful border.

dress (eshakti), tichel (wrapunzel)

Mary has started to have a fascination with Canada too, probably because of my obsession with it. She's at the age where she likes to do what I do so if I love Canada, then she will too.

Right now we have been studying French in home-school for about a year now and she's doing great. I'm so glad that she decided to learn French like I did because her accent is amazing for a kid her age.

The dress I decided to wear from this shoot was from Eshakti. I had picked it out because of the wonderful embroidery on it but when it came, I was disappointed to see that it had a large slit on the side. Since I couldn't wear it like it came, I finished sewing it one night. Good thing I like to sew!

The tichel is from Wrapunzel, one of my favorite places to check out tichels. This one is called 'Catch Me If You Can' and I thought it was very appropriate for this shoot.

I really enjoyed shooting with this dress. Even though I had to fix it, it was worth it in the end.