Outfit: The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with the beauty of cherry blossoms. It's amazing to me because they bloom and stay only for a little while then just disappear. But their beauty is so memorizing, that it captures you for the rest of the year until they come back.

Since everything it starting to bloom so early around me, I decided to go out and have a good look the other day.  It's so relaxing to go outside and just take in nature. Plus I had the perfect dress to do it in too since it's covered in a cherry blossom print.

Walking through cherry blossoms takes you to another time. It makes me think of being in Japan in the dynasty period. I have always loved Japan so much and they are known for their gorgeous cherry blossoms.

I think what amazes me most is that in time, those beautiful flowers will become delicious cherries instead. So not only does the tree produce something magical and beautiful, but it gives something delicious over time as well.

Some day I hope to visit Japan to see their lovely cherry blossoms with my own eyes. But until then, I still have my cherry blossoms here.

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