Outfit: The 8 Tichels of Hanukkah

The past 8 days have been so fun and I challenged myself to take a picture each day of my tichel an d how I styled it to show everyone. I rarely show just tichel pictures anymore so I thought this would be a fun challenge. Of course some days it was so bitterly cold I wished I hadn't done the challenge outside!

Starting from left to right and then back down again, here are my 8 tichels of Hanukkah!

1. The lovely Floribunda tichel from Wrapunzel. I love the roses on this and the lavender color is a favorite of mine.

2. A new Wrapunzel tichel called Briar Rose. This just came out and I love all the vivid purples and pinks in it.

3. This lovely tichel was gifted to me months ago. I added some pearls to complete the look.

4. Starting on the next row, another Wrapunzel tichel called Tapestry Luxe. It has a gorgeous glisten to it.

5. This next one is a Wrapunzel tichel from last year that is no longer available called In Your Element. I loved the animal print but in blues and pinks!

6. On this last row, I started with The Countess tichel from Wrapunzel. It has a lovely gold border that was fun to do pigtails with.

7. The Wrapunzel signature tichel is the middle one which is a tichel full of rainbows!

8. And finally my last one is a lovely dark green tichel that I got from Kmart about a month ago. I had been searching for a dark green tichel to match my new 1930's dress suit and I finally found it!

I do want to say that it is because of Wrapunzel that I know how to wrap so my collection of tichels is mainly from them. If you are every interested in learning how to wrap your hair, I suggest checking out their YouTube page where they share great videos even for beginners.