Outfit: Altering a 1930s Suit Dress

A few months back, I was out shopping with my family when I came across two amazing 1930s suit dresses. Of course I snagged them up without even trying them home, but when I did finally try them on I found out they were both too small. At first I was devastated because since they are vintage I knew I would never find another one in my size. But then I thought about taking to get them altered.

I was able to find a great seamstress here where I live and she did both dresses for me so I could actually wear them out. What she did was take some from the length to add to the back. It was genius and I think they turned out amazing.

The details like the buttons on the front of the jacket and the texture to the touch are amazing quality. I love vintage clothes for that exact reason. Nothing is made with this type of quality anymore. And the styles from the 30's and 40's are so regal and dignified. Plus I was so proud that I had a tichel that matched with the deep berry color the suit dress had. I added some pearls and I was ready to go.

Overall the outfits came out amazing and this one has a color that is one of my favorites. Along with adding a vintage gold and pearl brooch, I felt like royalty all day long.