The Importance of Telling People About Major Life Changes

It isn’t easy to change the way you live, but when changing your life means doing something good for yourself and those around you, you shouldn’t expect it to be effortless. Change almost always brings significant discomfort, whether it be spiritual, emotional, or even physical. However, in almost every instance, you can make change easier by telling people about it.

Many people choose to avoid talking about major life changes for a variety of reasons: They aren’t excited for the changes, they are plagued by embarrassment, and, most likely, they aren’t truly committed to the change. Yet, there is plenty to gain by informing others of your impending life changes ― particularly the following.

Others Should Know What to Expect

You know why you aren’t going out as much on the weekends; you know why are grumpier than usual; you know why your clothes don’t fit as well ― but your friends and family don’t, unless you tell them. Major life changes don’t occur without signs and symptoms, but your loved ones won’t comprehend your altered look or behavior unless you fully explain your decisions. When confronted with new and confusing differences, the people close to you will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable and either ask you questions or begin to separate from you.

For example, many people have misconceptions about e-cigarettes, so your loved ones might express disgust or stop inviting you to events to get away from the vapor (even if they don’t understand the differences between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes). Such reactions could make you feel insecure or unhappy, undermining your decision and ultimately destroying your attempt to change.

By telling your friends and family about your major life change, they will understand when they notice disparities between how you used to be and how you are, and they will be less likely to destroy the confidence you are building after your decision to change.

Others Can Lend a Helping Hand

You are the only person who can make true change in your life, but others can certainly help make your transition easier. Undoubtedly, others have endured the same type of change you are attempting, which means others have ideas or strategies you might not have considered.

For example, if you have decided to switch careers, connecting with someone who has already found success at your desired job might tell you the best ways to make the transition, which could include introductions to people you didn’t have access to or explanations of skills and experience you’ll definitely need. Even loved ones might have solutions you never imagined, so sharing your major life change with multiple people could give you many options to achieve success.

Others Have Been There Before

Change is almost always hard, and attempting to survive that change alone is nearly impossible. Sharing your decision with others who have endured the same life changes could make your experience slightly easier because it allows you to learn what to expect throughout your conversion to your new lifestyle.

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and online therapy are built on the idea that connecting with others who are undergoing significant life change improves your chances for success. However, speaking to a professional in your field of change, such as a nutritionist if you are striving to lose weight, can also help to prepare you for unknown future developments.

Though online research might seem less embarrassing, you are more likely to receive accurate information from someone who has lived through the changes you expect to make. Therefore, you must open up and share your plans with those around you.

Others Can Provide Caring Support

If nothing else, by learning about your major life changes, those around you can provide support. You shouldn’t underestimate the value of open ears and open arms, especially while you are trying to change your life for the better. Friends and family members who know about your plans can listen sympathetically and love unconditionally, which will help you persevere despite the challenges you face.

Research shows that support networks are mandatory for people in all walks of life, not just those expecting to experience major change. Having loved ones that know you and your lifestyle dramatically reduces stress, which reduces the likelihood that you will relapse into your old habits. To be effective your support network needs to know about your anticipated life changes, which means you need to tell them now.