Enjoying the Warm Outdoors in a Midi

I love taking Mary to have little adventures sometimes. It's a fun mother and daughter time and we get to discover new things. Two days ago, Mary and I ventured out during the day to  a few new places to just have some fun and explore. One of our stops was to our local art museum and inside was a gorgeous piano that was repainted. It was so pretty we both couldn't resist taking pictures with it. It really made me wish I could still play!

Inside the art museum they were doing a scavenger hunt too so we picked that up and will come back for it another day.

The next stop was to a new park in our town that we had passed by so many times before. It even had a Free Little Library at it so we checked out some of the books they had to offer. Then Mary decided she wanted to take some pictures of the trees and walk around a bit. Overall it was very relaxing.

Last for the day was picking pears in our yard. Since we moved into a house, we have had a pear tree that blooms every summer. So before the summer is out, I pick the pears the best I can without a ladder. Most of the time they go to feeding the animals but it's better than them being wasted.

All throughout the day I was very comfortable in my new midi dress from StyleWe as well. It came below my knees for extra coverage, was high necked and had a quilt like comfort to it. It's the perfect dress for autumn and I even paired it with some boots I had from last year.

Outfit Details: Half Sleeve Outdoor Midi Dress from StyleWe || Shiny-licious Tichel, Lace Sash  (similar on Wrapunzel) || Photography by Mary Elizabeth Photography