Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World #TreasureHunters #ad

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As mostly everyone knows, Mary is a graphic novel connoisseur. She has a lovely collection of graphic novels on her bookshelf and I even started a graphic novel book club for her home-school group.

So it deemed only fitting that we review a book together that was a graphic novel! Treasure Hunters: Peril at the Top of the World is the newest graphic novel type book on Mary's bookshelf and we had a lot of fun checking it out.

Since we hadn't read any of the previous books in the series, we decided to check out what the series is based on. Basically it's about the Kidd family and all the adventures they have across the globe including China and Germany.

This time in the 4th book, the family is in Russia where priceless paintings have gone missing. Always trying to catch the thieves, the Kidd's head through St. Petersburg and even the arctic to recover the paintings. And of course along the way they get into a lot of  trouble.

Check out what we both had to say about Treasure Hunters below in our YouTube video!

So far Mary has really enjoyed the book and I like the silly pictures in it. Honestly, I think the only things I didn't like was how it talks about global warming which I don't believe in and also in one of the pictures, it says "OMG" which I don't approve of.

I think when we finish reading the book, we will end up passing it to a friend in the book club to see what they think of it too.