6 Easy Ways to Get Fit

1. Exercise Everywhere
There are so many small opportunities to burn calories in a day if you do it right. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk the dog. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Walk around as you chat on the phone. Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. Do bicep curls while you watch TV. Do a few squats when you get up for coffee. The list is endless! Use your time and resources to your advantage and the extra exercise won't seem like exercise at all.

2. Recruit a Friend
Having your friend or partner at the gym with you is a great way to hold yourself accountable. You'll form a stronger bond with the person and will have something new in common to talk about. Next time you want to schedule a sedentary date or get-together, skip the coffee shop or bar and go for a walk or out dancing! This is an especially great tip for competitive people.

3. Download an App
The market is flooded with fitness apps these days, so it should be easy to find one that works for you. Some give you full workout and diet plans. Some connect you with a personal trainer who learns about your body and lifestyle and trains you from afar. Others are fitness trackers that log everything from number of steps to heart rate to calories burned.

4. Find the Activity You Love
Exercise shouldn't be something you dread doing. If you find yourself unhappy at the thought of going to the gym, try doing different activities until you find one you actually enjoy. It could be rock climbing, soccer, kickboxing, yoga, or anything else, as long as you are moving and challenging yourself. Don't be afraid to try something you have never done before; it could be your new favorite activity that motivates you to exercise with a smile on your face!

5. Eat Healthy
 It seems obvious, but you can't get fit from exercise alone. Plus, burning off more calories than you eat is way harder than you think. Whether you want to count calories or follow a certain diet, be sure to start small. Your body and brain will rebel if you go from tons of junk food to all veggies, so begin with little changes like drinking less soda, choosing a side salad instead of fries, or cooking more meals at home.

6. Write It Down
You wouldn't flake out on a doctor's appointment, meeting, or other commitment, so write your workouts into your planner and treat them like they are mandatory! Set phone alarms, pencil them onto your calendar, or whatever else you have to do to ensure you'll stick to your new healthy habits every day. Similarly, write down specific health goals. It can be anything from a certain number of pounds lost to fitting into an old pair of pants. The more places you write them down, the more likely you are to hold yourself to these goals.