Stitch Fix August 2016 Box

I am a Stitch Fix affiliate. All opinions are my own.

As a true lover of clothes, I am always scouting out fun new ways to find dresses and skirts that I love. Recently I was introduced to Stitch Fix, a subscription box that has a stylist pick clothes tailored to you, and I knew I had to try them out.

So what exactly is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is  a box of clothes that is picked out for you by a stylist to fit your needs. When you sign up, you complete a style profile which is very in depth and then you receive a box with 5 clothing items in it that fit your style personality. You can pick a date that your box ships on and you can also choose to have boxes shipped monthly or on demand. You pay a $20 styling fee per box but if you  buy anything from your box, the $20 goes towards your purchase.

Stitch Fix August 2016 Box

Inside my first box were 5 items that I immediately tried on. But before I get to the items, I have to say my stylist did a great job of trying to send exactly what I wanted. I am a super picky person when it comes to clothes. On your style profile, you can also leave a note for your stylist and mine was like a book. I like longer dresses and skirts, I don't like to show skin, my clothes have to be a certain material, etc. Like I said, I am very picky. The only thing I forgot to specify to my stylist was the patterns I like. But other than the patterns, my stylist listened to my requests and sent items that fit the bill perfectly.

The first two things I received were a jersey maxi dress and a long pink cardigan. The jersey maxi dress was high necked and just what I asked for. And the cardigan was long sleeved and long to help keep me covered up. Both items were very comfortable, but I didn't like where the cardigan ended. It was really long so it actually ended below my bottom which wasn't something I would wear. For the maxi dress, although it was very comfortable, I didn't like the pattern of it.

The next item I received was a patterned dress shown above. I also wore the cardigan for the pictures again because the dress was sleeveless. The dress itself was comfortable but the zipper in the back started poking me while I was out which was annoying. It also ended right at my knees and I don't like anything to end above my calves so I had to wear leggings with it. I also didn't like the pattern because it had black in it.

The last two items I received were a stretch skirt and an infinity scarf. For the scarf, my stylist hit it dead on. She knew I loved birds and sent a gorgeous blue scarf with a bird pattern. I ended up tying it as a tichel and wore it on my head.

The skirt was a nicely patterned stretch skirt. It reminded me of a 60s pattern which was cute, but again, it ended at my knees so I couldn't wear it out other than for the pictures.

What was the final verdict?

For all the items, my favorite one was the bird scarf. But out of everything I was sent, I didn't keep any of it. For all the clothes, even though my stylist listened to me, the patterns were all wrong for me. But that was entirely my fault because I didn't specify the types of patterns I like. I honestly didn't have room in the note to the stylist part. The bird scarf was gorgeous and even though I loved the color of it, the price was $28 and I just couldn't see myself spending that on a single scarf.

Overall I really like Stitch Fix and if I ever do get another box, I would remember to tell my stylist the types of patterns I really like. It's a great service for anyone who loves fashion but it might be a bit harder if you are a very picky dresser like I am.

If you're interested in signing up for Stitch Fix to check them out for yourself, sign up here.