Spring with Wrapunzel

I am a Wrapunzel Official Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

It's finally Spring! I am so ready for the warm weather and fun outdoor adventures. And that also means new tichels at Wrapunzel too! For March, I received 5 tichels and even though some were thicker, they still kept me warm on these chilly spring nights.

This first tichel was the Shiny-licious in Mulberry. How I ended up wrapping it was with two lace headbands to give it a layered look. Then I added a pin on the side. The Shiny-licious was super easy to wrap with and I've even used it to make turbans too. It is very light and perfect for spring. Plus it's easy to manage.

This second tichel is the Class Act and I wrapped it with pleats because it has gorgeous alternating colors in it. I also added the Upleafting pin on the side plus a gold headband. The Class Act is a wonderful tichel and has a very cool feel to the skin. It's for that reason that I like it for spring. Even though it's considered a pashmina, it's cool to the touch feel didn't make me feel hot at all during the day.

The third tichel is the Soaring Wine tichel which is very lightweight and perfect for warm weather. I loved the color and pattern on this tichel so I ended up wearing it on a very hot day. I tied this one in a turban and added a pin which got lots of compliments! The tichel overall was very comfortable and easy to work with.

The fourth tichel was the Vivid Dreams pashmina. This tichel is a bit too hot for spring but I had a nice cold day last week that I wore it on. I wrapped it with two headbands to give it a layered look and zig zagged them. Overall it came out great and was a breeze to wrap.

And the last tichel was honestly my favorite. It was the Tapestry Luxe in Purple. This gorgeous tichel has an amazing shine and shimmer to it.And it was very easy to wrap too. I wrapped this one in a high turban and left my tails down on the side. I also added a strand of pearls to it too. This one got the most compliments out of all of them!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my tichel creations for March! And make sure to follow me on Instagram @kbwhiskey to see my other tichels each day!